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    Team American Magic

    Underrated comment here...this guy knows the rules: :)
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    espo is a dick

    Husband and wife team with monster cardiovascular engines. John’s legs do the taking now.   That’s the beauty of cycling. No ratings. 
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    Tough Choice: Palma Vela or Miami Grand Prix

    Palma Vela. I did 2019 on a Swan 42. It was a fantastic experience...great conditions, awesome shoreside vibe, cheap getting to/from. We looked into the charter program for the Viper. If you do it, would love to hear your thoughts.  Good luck with the decision!
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    Trident Studios Half Hull Models

    The guys St Paul sent a letter to?
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    J44 for sale

    Damn...if only. That is a great boat. Good luck. Hope she goes to a good home. 
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    My hospital is so fucked right now (RN)

    Seriously?? Did anyone pay attention the last 6 years in this country?  Look, I don't want to turn this into PA, but not considering social factors and beliefs (right or wrong) in the planning process is willful disregard of a phenomenon that is developing right in front of their faces. This is...
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    My hospital is so fucked right now (RN)

    This is what will devastate healthcare within the next two years (as if it wasn't bad enough before COVID). There are older docs and nurses (and support staff) that are literally saying "eff it" and taking their retirement now, as they are perfectly entitled to. As a result...mandatory OT...
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    Air conditioning

    Anyone have experience with the portable standup units? Would be used a few weeks out of the year, vacation on the dock.  Something like...
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    Is a dry bilge possible?

    Keel stepped 35 footer with the grid system, trays that have drain holes here. We get a bunch of water through the mast every time it rains. Unfortunately just have to deal with it. The boat came with a nice electric bilge pump system that sits up in the bow under the v-berth. Very light, has a...
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    My hospital is so fucked right now (RN)

    Yes, I am saying that there are more than a few healthcare professionals out there who don't believe in the vax and are refusing to have them (she is not among them). This is going to cause a major problem for those states who are mandating the vax by all who work in a healthcare setting (docs...
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    My hospital is so fucked right now (RN)

    THIS. ALL F---KING DAY. More than a few of you around here know Mrs. Divided Sky, an ER doc who happens to be the beating heart on our little mom & pop PHRF program Summit 35. I am genuinely worried about her more than ever now. RI is mandating vax for all health care workers by 10/1 and...
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    BIRW not dead

    Jackie and the GBSA All-Stars setting up a nice picket fence. Nice work gang. Good to see Dirty Harry up front. 
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    White Gold

    Where did you find the boat for sale? Nevermind:
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    I think this is a major part of the problem. The cynicism is such a drag. It seems like 99% of the comments are always negative. Funny thing is, I have been up close to a bunch of VOR stopovers, match race stops...the folks that actually make it down to the waterfront and see the spectacle...
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    Movie- Wind question

    Compare Wind to Days of Thunder...pretty close if you take the cars and sailing as the backdrop to the story itself. The cars and the boats play a major role but is not totally the point of the movie. There is supposedly a story in there (somewhere).  As far as Wind goes, aside from the cheesy...

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