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    How much is a brand new traditional steel boat?

    I would suggest that you get a job aboard the sort of vessel you are considering owning yourself so you can see the issues & obstacles before you strike out on your own. At the very least you will get to do what you enjoy before you decide that it's probably smarter to do something else...
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    2016 Melges 32 Worlds

    Okay but you're buying.
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    Another Richardson Bay Boat Owner To Avoid

    I was at a shop once where the guy in front of me had 2 credit cards in a row rejected so he wrote a check. Now you tell me how someone who can’t afford to pay his credit card bills can possibly have any money in a checking account? I was stunned that the vendor took a check from somebody who...
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    G4 Fail

    are there no underwater escape hatches on this boat?
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    Childish Men

    what he said wait, what did you say?
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    Childish Men

    See, the thing is I'm from San Diego and I thought Frostbit was talking about somebody else. (No, not you "somebody else", somebody else altogether) 99% of the world's population are good people. It's that 1% you've got to avoid. (No, not the 1% as Obama defines people)
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    Not Just another Pretty Wrace

    i hear you red my first thought was how much freeboard does that thing have/ looks wet
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    Sailor missing since January found off Cape Hatteras

    I'd like to see his google history and if he googled publishers or talk shows of any kind before his departure.
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    Fuckhead ramming sailing yachts with 150ton trawler in Bris River.

    I think the woodster was referring to russel perdock, not law enforcement generally. But I agree with you. Wood, if someone breaks into your house shoot them, cut them up, put them in coolers and dump them out by #01
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    Sailor missing since January found off Cape Hatteras

    looked at a map and Conway is roughly 400 miles from where he was picked up. does it makes sense that a boat in that area would drift 400 miles to the north east in 2 months?
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    Sailor missing since January found off Cape Hatteras

    Yep, I’m not buying it either. Hair length, body weight and he sure doesn’t have the look of somebody who has undergone such a stressful and difficult experience. On the other hand he might’ve gotten a haircut aboard the freighter and taken a shower but he should sure as hell look at hell of a...
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    18.2 Overlap question

    i think you protest both the middle boat is your witness, so to speak, vs the far ww boat
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    Sport Boat Definition - a regional PHRF weighs in

    Mark your ideas are good, as always, but class II was never intended to be a class for sport boats. It was intended to be a class for boats with different sailing characteristics, in this case defined by the rig configuration, i.e. a sprit, which was deemed to sail differently than a traditional...
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    This is what happens when you don't look at the weather

    I would bet that he did not have any steerage and/or that the helm was already hard over so he could not turn up and that he did not want to turn down for fear of filling his sails and accelerating into the ferry or a wild jibe.
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    Sport Boat Definition - a regional PHRF weighs in

    I would bet that the definition adopted by LMPHRF was probably devised to serve the purpose of partitioning the fleet equitably and not to define sports boats per se. For example (and because this thread is relative to PH and the vast majority of PH boats are what some would derisively called...