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    That tire may be fine but the center is worn flat which leaves a crown transition to the shoulder of the tire. entering a turn aggresively has the bike squirming a bit until you get on the shoulder of the tire. That squirming happens just when you want maximum confidence in your bike and tires...
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    Holy Grail...
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    Meme Anarchy

    Imagine the family's shame if he had worn a "Bears" t-shirt.
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    OK, since no one else has brought it up... Where were you?

    My secretary brought in a 13 inch (16 inch) TV for safety training videos to comply with safety regulations (weekly safety training). We had the news on sometimes. We watched the whole thing unfold. The second hit was on live TV.
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    Humbling, isn't it?
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    Wish I could see more of the board
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    Alcohol vs gasoline

    Another reason to use canned fuel. Convenience. A 2stroke snow blower uses a quart or 2 of premix at my daughters house each winter. I never would have thought of stooping so low as to buy "canned premix" but with this I can run over, pour some in and clear her walk and not hve 1/2 a gallon left...
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    I like both of 'em!
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    Random PicThread

    Someone will end up in group "W".
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    True Confessions

    I have been a "lifter" for 20+ years. That means I am one of a few who can lift boats in and out of the water with our 1920's era derrick at my club's storage yard. We set the boats on cradles or trailers and move them out into the yard for storage. Spring and fall I am at the yard several...