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    EBYRA 2012

    The problem with EBYRA is that the hack sailors from CIYC are like a bunch   of high maintenance cunts. Someone has got to explain to them that if   you're not good looking and don't give good head, no one is buying the high   maintenance attitude. In other words, "If you're a bunch of...
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    What is this sport coming to? Tolo coming in 3rd. How bad is that class getting? What's next Elmo winning?
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    Crane topples at Collins Bay Lift out.

    You're right, they are someone's pride and joy. Stupid me
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    Crane topples at Collins Bay Lift out.

    Better at the end of the season and not the beginning of the season. They all look like a bunch of 3knt shitboxes anyway
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    j80 NAs

    Don't worry they'll shit the bed
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    rolex regatta

    The Gashtionals are underway today.
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    espo is a dick

    At least he's not a Jew with NO sailing skills like yourself
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    A big thank you to Butch Ulmer

    Intercity teenagers on City Island, now I know why there was equipment missing off my boat.
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    Do you make him wear the helmet on the yellow short bus when he goes to school?
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    EBYRA 2011

    Hey with all this talk about the Thin Man, did anyone ever check out his website, kind of wankerish. He speaks about his Wednesday Nite winning in 2009, and his winning of distance racing, but there is no mention about his EPIC collapse on Wednesday nite's in 2010. There's picture of work done...
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    EBYRA 2011

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    Key West Saved From Certain Death

    Wow, this is great news. I am just curious, to see how much the most expensive sails on the planet are going to cost now? Just supporting the TP52 program they had :blink: :blink: priced themselves out of the small boat market. Now saving KW how much more will the consumer have to pay???
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    If somebody was smart, they would have turned that into a fudge packing stand.
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    Some of my old sailing photos

    I don't think that is the same boat as Settler. Settler doesn't have those IOR bumps in her belly. [Anymore????]
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    OP removed (I hope)

    If you lived here in NY you would feel different Fuck them! I hope they all had a peice of bacon in there mouth, when it happened.