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    MMSI and other transfers - new boat from Italy

    You can obtain a new MMSI through the US Power Squadron website. Entering it into your equipment is easy enough following manufacturer instructions, however some devices will require a previously issued number to be cleared by the manufacturer or a service shop. 
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    RORC Transatlantic Race.. 8 Jan

    Electrical issues confirmed in Ken Howrey’s update on Instagram. Sounds like they were taking on “some water” which affected their electrical system. 
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    RORC Transatlantic Race.. 8 Jan

    Wondering the same, not much word from the RORC or Alex on Instagram where updates, to this point, were frequent. 
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    “I hereby publicly retract anything and everything I have ever said about inland sailing.” -Ted Turner on the 1970 Chicago Mackinac 
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    "Listen" doesn't require response and would be difficult to enforce. However if the hails over Ch. 16 are requesting response, a response would be indicated. No? Assuming we're listening.. 
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    what is it?

    The next Anarchy. 
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    Tell me about the 1D35

    That is fair. Their performance certainly doesn't speak for the build quality of Caroll boats, as there are obvious issues which many others have reported. Their performance and results in the Mackinac races for example show that the boats are relevant and turbo-ing the design can produce a...
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    Tell me about the 1D35

    I would argue that chico consistently does much better than a broken clock. 
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    I find beating the black boat consistently doesn't seem to be that difficult if, as the others say, I am paying attention to the numbers and the E indicator thing. But winning big isn't as easy and has required some serious luck. 
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    Congrats Zonker, looks like you beat me by a bit over 100m on that leg.
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    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    Like others have said, a good program defines itself by meeting its listed goals. For me, a good program would include having fun with a competent crew who are enjoyable to be around, reasonably meticulous boat and equipment prep., always learning/striving for improvement, and some success on...
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    Best Refit on the Youtube?.... did I spell refit correct:-?

    Does Leo/ Tally Ho count? That would be my vote.
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    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    I am wearing the same watch and strap at the moment. There are a couple of manuals online that can be found with a quick google search that seem to explain the bezel function, I look forward to using mine on the racecourse next summer. 
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    FJ deck layout

    Not great pictures but hope this helps. The last one is the holes where the spin leads would go.
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    Some of my old sailing photos

    it was at macatawa when I was there in october