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    Farr X2

    That seems to speak volumes about the original Farr design.
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    Strongly recommend this place. Both to stay and eat. Fantastic place and great owners (Brits).
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    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Filthy Rich Assholes Not DoingAnythingOtherThanScrewingGrassRootsSailorsAndGettingRicher Brought to you by the fucking self-obsessed idiots running WS and ILCA. :)
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    You know how to read a chart so I assume you can figure out where you can and cant get to. And as you already figured, with a breeze out of the N the bay gets far worse than charted depths the longer and harder it blows. Whatever you do, no matter what the chart says, don't do Knapps Narrows.
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    Chris White the new Atlantic 72 and follow-up of the capsized Atlantic 57 Leopard

    Eagle? Thought it was a white elephant?!
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    New MG5 Cat (looks like a race version of ORC50)

    Pretty cool stuff; thanks!
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    New MG5 Cat (looks like a race version of ORC50)

    Interesting. I would not have thought that. Appreciate you sharing. You you tell us what pod cat you own?
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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    Phil is the only guy in he business we have ever had multiple people suggest we run away from as fast as we could. Sounds like that was good advice; yikes!
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    New MG5 Cat (looks like a race version of ORC50)

    Don’t understand this approach. Not using pod as structure adds unnecessary weight and the pod is still going to slam like a drum when impacted by waves. The pod still has a solid bottom!? It’s not like the airbags prevent the slamming or deaden the noise. Not a hater but color me confused.
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    This does not make sense. The ama is the float or one of the two outer hull (not main/middle), and is distinct from the beam or aka... and none of the folding mechanism connects to the ama. So the statement the surveyor is making does not add up at least with regards location. As for the deck...
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    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    OK, I like this a lot!
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    Mighty Merloe

    It’s the OPM method, otherwise known as other peoples money.
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    Can a C880 safely cross Nantucket Sound?

    You can’t afford to make a mistake in an F24. A capsize can be fatal. At least to the wallet. Get a beach cat you can self right and go make mistakes. Unless you are very cautious an F-boat ain’t a great first “big” boat IMHO. But if you were going down that path the F-24 would be the way to go.
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    Can a C880 safely cross Nantucket Sound?

    Didn’t want to say anything but when you asked that original question and were thinking of buying a big tri all I could think was OMG no. Munt steered you right. Get the beach cat and learn to sail it well. Any cheap used beach cat will do. Just go sail the crap out of it and make tons of...
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    Suggestions requested on getting IP 380 from Rock Hall, MD to Hilton Head, SC

    Yea, not much chance for sailing, and yes you do need to be mindful of draft and not running aground... and if you ain't done a lot of ditch in a sailboat there are also the bridges so be well aware of your air draft as well and bridge schedules. But all of that aside, this is not hard and can...