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    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    el doucherino
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    Caption Contest

    After being kicked out of the Beneteau OD fleet for having a modified keel, the regatta began with one boat on the line.
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    O'day Daysailer

    Was race committee today as the DS put in three races at Severn Sailing Association. There were plenty of couples and parents sailing with a son or daughter. Appears to meet the need you are looking for.
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    What Is It?

    It is the prototype DSS 27. The photo is on their web site. Looks fun. I'd like to give it a spin.
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    Somali Pirates

    Glad to see one of my favorite charities involved... the Easter SEALs.
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    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    I was thinking more of a rat's flea-ridden ass, but keep up the work RD!
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    sun screen

    ABsolutely. Zinc oxide is the best protection out there.
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    Sport Boat Demo Day Eastern LIS

    I sailed the M20 and the Open 5.70 at the Annapolis show. I also sailed the Viper on other occassions. There is little I can add to the discussion that hasn't been mentioned already about the sailing qualities of these sportboats. However, I can add that these ~20ft sportboats are a terrific...
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    Church Sign Generator

    Kind of like a Mad Libs for people going to hell.
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    The Eeeeconomeeeee And Its Effect On The Sport?

    Seemed a bit like a fire sail at the boat show in Annapolis today.
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    Nap Town Boat Show

    Monday is a federal holiday. Kids have school and the wife has to work. I'll be like a little boy in a candy shop!
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    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    cscow, thanks. I thought I'd wet my pants with your photoshopping. Has onebody other that this site collected all the photoshops of weid?
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    Newport high performance dinghy?

    Brian, The Naval Academy Prep School has a ton of Lasers. Go over to their quaterdeck and ask to take one out. The marina office also has their contact info.
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    Are Laser sailors gay?

    Yes, they are all a little Mo-ish.
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    Got Pole?

    Performance Anxiety

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