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    Sonic Booms - Fallon?

    In your first post you say you live east of Tahoe. But your location and later posts indicate a fair bit west of Tahoe. Makes a difference... I live a fair bit north of Reno, and occasionally hear sonic booms. But I can also sometimes hear the freight train 15 miles away and on the other...
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    Spinnaker, what bit of tuning does what ?

    Are you sure it's a problem with the kite? IMHO the hardest thing is cat sailing is getting the helm and kite sheeting in sync (or jib sheeting on big jib non-kite boats). My crew and I fought with this for years before we started to get good at it (or at least stopped yelling at each other...
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    sail material

    Pick a designer first, then choose the cloth in consultation with the designer.
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    which type of sail cloth for a F20c

    Glaser has done at least two F20C mains in radial-cut technora. Ends up being lighter and more shapeable than the stock Performance sail, although it takes a fair bit more sheet load to flaten it out.
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    Plane Missing

    ACARS didn't transmit data. But some three letter acronym heard it trying to connect.
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    Plane Missing

    Sounds like a spy satellite heard the ACARS system either pinging a ground station and getting no reply due ro being out of range or pinging a satellite and getting no reply because the airline didn't subscribe to the service. Either way, it probably took a lot of digging and analyzing...
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    Canadian folk singer killed by coyotes

    Just wait till the cats come east. Guns and (smart) dogs. Leave the asses for Woofsey.
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    Hamilton Island Challenge ~ Validity

    Not a great parallel. In the AC, the challenger is a beneficiary of the trust. In your example, the broker is not a beneficiary
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    More Rumors!

    The AC72s will race around the Farralons. The surviving crew members will go over Niagra Falls in an AC45.
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    CoR for AC35

    FYI, AC Park had to be closed off yesterday due to too large a crowd. There was a line of cops holding back a crowd of thousands trying to get in to watch the finish.
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    Things we (may have) Learned from AC34

    I think there was a lot more in the early races. Which I interpret as ETNZ being able to use match racing tactics to keep a slightly faster but discombobulated opponent behind them. Once Oracle got its act together the match racing game started hurting ETNZ more than Oracle, and ETNZ started...
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    Things we (may have) Learned from AC34

    As I remember in ETNZ's 7th win (Race 11?), Oracle was ahead at the windward mark, ETNZ split gates setting up a port-starbord on the first cross downwind. Oracle had to duck, and lost the race.
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    Do 'we' deserve to win?

    Grow a pair, you navel-gazing fucks! I'm ditching work, getting up at 4am and driving down there to watch a race, not a fucking tragedy. Bring it on!
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    ****The Official Kiwi Bitch Thread for the Fans****

    Mate look at the fucking pain and suffering in this world, yes it is just a boat race, important to a few granted, but not life or death. Would have been great to win, but hey it wasn't to be. I just hope that NZL support the crew rather than blaming them, we were simply beaten by a better...
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    Roll Call

    Cool. Looks like some snow in the pass, but I'll take that over bay-area traffic any day.