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    Team France, AC-37

    In the style of your inquisitive namesake. An ancestor?
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    Mark Mills designed 60’ offshore foiler

    Flyimg Nikka - alone in her class, of course - doing 25 kts average in the Porto Cervo Rolex Cup
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    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 37

    And with Italian boats taking 1st, 2nd and 5-6th, filling out the crew for the Women’s ACWS won’t be a problem
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    Alinghi Challenge AC37

    The Med being 4 degrees C warmer than the average (5 at BCN) has something to do with this
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    I’m sure they are. I was talking about thr Appendage Factory
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    Barcelona AC37

    FareVela’s Michele Tognozzi from Barcelona. Pictures of LR’s. base It appears that from Colon’s column to LR takes 40-50 minutes on foot
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    Wonder what the “hatches” are for and why they are mid-section rather than on leading/trailing edge as in AC75s. The facility definitely has an agricultural feeling. Don’t see an autoclave
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    Team American Magic
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    America's Cup Technology

    The first decksweeper main I saw was on the C-cat Aquarius V, circa 1976
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    female America's Cup

    “Furthermore Emirates Team New Zealand will be launching another 3 boats as part of its 37th America’s Cup defence from their new base in Auckland.” So, no McConaghy built boats at least for TNZ
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    female America's Cup

    “We think it’s very cool, and we will have a decent base fleet sailing pretty quickly once the boats are built,” Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton told Stuff, hoping the production can be handled in the New Zealand boat-building industry, led by the syndicate’s own world-class yard” Aren’t...
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    Mark Mills designed 60’ offshore foiler

    Racing debut next Friday in the San Remo - Saint Tropez Giraglia preliminary
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    “Ms. Toki, by contrast, insists full elimination is achievable, but requires much more funding and focus by the government. Referring to the approximately $250 million that New Zealand spent hosting the America’s Cup sailing competition in 2021, she said, “Do America’s Cup for Predator Free.”...
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    Mark Mills designed 60’ offshore foiler

    In English