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    RGB hospitalized!!!

    some admin updates boostripe aka troglodytarum aka barnacle balls aka nottruewind aka other socks has been perma-flicked.  he was warned to not come back as all his previous socks have been banned too. cal20sailor has been given a 2 week timeout for outing another member using a real name and...
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    Need help from a moderator

    i just emailed both of his accounts.  hoping he responds soon.
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    Need help from a moderator

    did you get my pm? confirm you are white lightning or  white lightnin'
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    Need help from a moderator

    let me see what I can do.  hang on. and VWAP if you keep posting that shit I might have to break out the ban hammer.  i haven't used in a while and im itching to whack someone with it.
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    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    it was definitely not me
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    Words of Wisdom

    Credit to Anarchist Point Break.
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    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

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    A few simple rules . . .

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    A reply to dabnis2

    dabs it has been noted by management that you are back and up to your old tricks. let this be a friendly warning that our patience with you is wearing thin. knockoff the obvious racist trolling stuff, stop spamming the boards by creating new threads just to reply to someone from another...
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    The First Lady of the United States of Americia

    i have suspended troller for crossing way over the line on the racist/bigot scale. there comes a point where enough is enough. my instinct as well as BJ Porter's instinct was to immediately flick this asshole on the spot. but i decided on a suspension while the management team decides on a...
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    Where is " No6 "

    You called?
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    Well Armed Yachtsman Arrested

    this is your first and only warning. knock off the political bs. there are a million stupid gun threads in pa to post this shit in. the OP is a worthy topic to discuss in a sailing forum but the rest of the gun rights crap belongs in pa.
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    Crooked Hillary

    ngs we were going to be nice and clean up the mess for you. but then you went ahead and quoted the pedo stuff yourself. idiot
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    Sailing Anarchy's policy on trolls

    Gantt has been given a short time out to allow him to understand the "rules" a bit better and to stop being such a whiney little shit.
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    How to ignore someone - a tutorial

    it has come to the Mods attention that several people are getting their feelings hurt by other members posts and we get inundated by requests to censor people for foul language or unruly behavior. given that this is "Sailing Anarchy" and there are very few rules here, having your feelings or...