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    Fixed VHF with remote and AIS

    My fixed mount VHF radio died. I'd like the new one to have a remote mic and since I don't have AIS this seems like a good time to add it. Lots of options and I'm not sure which way to go with this. Should I just install a separate, wireless AIS system that talks to my phone? Wireless remote mic...
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    Tougher dodger snap

    There's a snap at the corner of my dodger that's under a lot of strain. It's bent over and is going to pull out or break. Any suggestions on a tougher type of snap or other ideas? Thanks
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    Sailing fatality in Santa Barbara

    Reportedly a sailboat overturned on Sunday, 1 dead. It was initially (erroneously) reported as a jetski accident. Does anyone know any more details?
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    Where to get an anchor galvanized in SoCal?

    Preferably in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area. Thanks in advance!
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    Where to buy jerry jugs in Cabo San Lucas/San Jose

    I'm in San Jose del Cabo preparing to do the Baja bash. I'm having a hard time finding jerry jugs. Does anyone know where I can get some? Thanks!
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    Waterproofing wire penetration for solar

    I'm installing two solar panels on top of my dodger. Each will have its own controller. So I need to bring four wires through the deck. Given the run and amperage I'm looking at 10 or 12 gauge wire. I'm looking for advice on how to get it through the deck cleanly while keeping it waterproof...
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    Mayhem at the mark

    I don't know what the "Wallarroo State Heats" are, but they have great drone footage.
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    board games aboard for kids

    Any suggestions for board games aboard? Not too many irreplaceable fiddly bits is a good thing. Extra credit if they can be played by kids under 10. Thanks
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    Boat aground at Chagos

    Pretty nightmarish place to go hard aground.
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    Madagascar Journals

    Really interesting film by a guy who hitches a ride on a cruising boat from South Africa to Madagascar. Much more honest and self-aware than your typical boat porn.
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    Gluing bird spikes to radar antenna?

    Some SOB likes to sit on my radome and dump big fat bird turds onto the foredeck. I'd like to put some bird spikes up there but I don't want to put screws through the top of the radome for obvious reasons. Any suggestions on how to attach them? I thought of maybe roughing up the surface with...
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    51mm / 2 inch sanitation hose

    I'm replacing my sanitation hoses and the holding tank has a 51mm hose barb (roughly 2 in). Anyone know where I can source this hose in the US? Thx
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    Yanmar alternator/regulator

    My boat has a Yanmar 3YM30 (2007). It has the stock Hitachi alternator which is marked as 60A. After adding a battery monitor I noticed that it typically pushes out about 30A. I believe that this is because the internal regulator is a dumb device which charges at a flat 13.2V. The house bank...
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    Winch handle handle

    I have a winch handle, came with my boat stored in the anchor locker. It's intended for use with the windlass but it's just a basic winch handle. The handle part has rotted and rusted up and needs to be replaced. Seems like it's worth the effort to fix it to have a spare handle on board. Any...
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    Religious family from Arizona, tired of paying taxes to support the heathen ways of the US govt. They know nothing about sailing but buy a boat and set sail for Kiribati. Fast forward, who bails them out? Good old Uncle Sam. Hey quit wasting my heathen tax dollars bitch...
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    When to replace cutlass bearing?

    My boat is on the hard and I'm wondering how I would know to replace the cutlass bearing. There is negligible vibration under power. When I had the boat surveyed for purchase a few months ago the surveyor recommended replacing, but the yard foreman says that it looks ok to him. Thanks in advance.
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    Curing a big volume of epoxy

    The drain on my anchor locker is about 3" higher than the deepest point in the locker. This results in about a quart of water sloshing around in there, fouling up my rode etc. My thought is to chuck a couple of fishing weights in there and then dump a bunch of resin in after it to take up the...
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    Steve Jobs' motor yacht

    Video of a 240' motor yacht designed by Phillipe Starck supposedly under the direction of Steve Jobs. Can't say it's my cup of tea, but I'm sure I could tolerate a week or two stay on the boat. Jobs said, “I know that it’s possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat. But I have...
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    Belize charter outfits?

    i'm looking to charter a cat in Belize this winter. Probably looking for something that can hold two families (4 adults, 4 kids). A 45ish foot cat sounds about right. Any recommendations on who to charter from? Other suggestions? Thx