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    Trap harness in San Diego

    I will be in San Diego shortly and want to take the opportunity to pick up a new trapeze harness for skiff sailing. I'd like to try it on first, which rules out online shopping. Any suggestions of where to look would be appreciated. Also, are any harnesses made especially for women? Thanks...
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    boat charter in Virgin Islands?

    Two Hawai'i sailors will be in the U.S. Virgin Islands at the end of March and would like to charter a small sailboat (monohull or catamaran) for a few days to watch the Rolex Cup and to visit nearby islands. Any suggestions of where/how to charter would be welcome. Will be on St. Thomas but...
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    Had some trouble righting an I-14 this weekend, especially once it turtled; we were on the light side (combined crew weight approximately 270 pounds). It was a bit choppy and puffy, so swimming the boat to point it into the wind was difficult. Any relevant suggestions would be appreciated...

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