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    ENTRY LIST AS OF 11/09/07 01 Shawn Grisham USA 674 Bulls Eye 02 Brian Porter USA-649 Full Throttle 03 Sam Vasquez/ Jeff Lindheim USA 184 TEAM TAMARACK 04 Alan Field USA587 WTF 06 Argyle Campbell USA 630 Rock N Roll 07 Marc Hollerbach USA700 Fu 08 Jack Jennings...
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    Porter Wins Melges 24 Ocean Reef Regatta

    12 DECEMBER 2004 • The sailing conditions on Saturday (day one) of the 2004 Ocean Reef Regatta were outstanding, and Sunday the excellence in a professionally organized and executed regatta maintained an even strain delivering three races of undeniably exciting Melges 24 racing! Brian Porter and...
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    Ocean Reef Melges 24 Regatta Dec. 17-19

    Check out the number of boats and talent expected at the Ocean Reef Melges 24 Regatta Dec. 17-19. Primer for the Worlds to be held there next year. Skipper Last Skipper First Yacht Sail # 1 Ascencios Alex TBA USA 602 2 Ayres Bruce Monsoon 540 3 Baker Robin The Artful Dodger USA 380 4 Baron...
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    J-22 Worlds Last Race

    What is the story on the last race? From the results, it must have been a tricky race (fluky). All Engelsman needed was to finish within 8 places of Culter in the last race.
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    Filling Scratches and Dings to Gel Coat

    Any suggestions on filler, gel coat and/or epoxy to use in filling large and small scratches and dings to foils on a Melges 24? Thanks.

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