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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Is that a Tayana 37?
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    Valiant 40 blisters

    No 3 just changed hands... 
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    1988 - 1989's - Fairweather 39 vs Valiant 40

    Stephanie and I just became curators of Valiant 40 003, laid in '74 as a '75 model. Blistering was practically universal on hulls 120-249 built '76-'81, and less so on the last Washington-built Valiants ('81-84, hulls 250-266). Texas-built boats are not known for excessive blistering. 
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

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    On-scene in San Francisco

    No racing today.
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    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    I can't for the life of me remember if I ever met her, but I've known (of) Catherine since she broke onto the SA scene so dramatically a few years ago. I've sailed a few races in Corpus, and we certainly had some friends in common. Anyway, I was getting out of Easter vigil Mass when I got the...
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    Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Thank y'all, and tuff it out, MSG...I can't remember if I've met you in person, tho we have a fair number of friends in common in the Corpus sailing scene.
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    Yes, the owner found her three times in the three days between the evacuation and the beaching; his ditch bag with his personal possessions was still on deck where it had fallen after being torn off by the lifelines. He was a 100-ton Master with over 18,000 ocean miles at the time; he had her...
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    Chartering in BVI

    As a veteran of 5 visits and four charters: For the duffle: 2 swimsuits, one set of longsleeves/long pants in quick-drying nylon (if at all prone to sunburn); a hat, and one "nicer" outfit - I take a nicer pair of shorts and a white shirt; the sandals are just fine. Take half the clothes and...
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    36,000 Of You Aren't Coming

    Can I charter a boat? and a chiselled 190-lb body? I'm 6'2", so my height's ok... seriously, may see you at Turnback - hope all's well
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    Is there a biggest Catamaran Race in the World?

    The biggest for distance I think is now either the Archipelago Raid or the Great Texas.
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    In Memory of Spike Perry

    Like it would taste any different if it were spoiled! Is that even possible, or does it age like a good Scotch? We'll be thinking of you later this afternoon when we attend a bbq with 100 or so friends sending some dear friends off cruising.
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    In Memory of Spike Perry

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    The world loses a great young sailor

    Deepest condolences, Bob. Only the good die young - I lost an older brother who was only a couple years older than Spike. So sorry.
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    Watertribe Everglades Challenge 2011 has started

    Andy and Mike were retrieved off the SCAMP tonight in an effort involving kayaks, canoes, a Boston Whaler, and whatever vessels the rangers use. Andy is hustling to make his return flight to Salem Oregon, and the pool on another site is leaning toward Mike and Jackie staying in FL for the up to...
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    the 2013 Little America's Cup

    I think that a multi-team cooperation in design and building, as seen in The Race back in 2000-2001 where 3 teams used identical platforms, is more what the OP was suggesting. If not, I am! I don't see why 2, 3, 4, or more teams couldn't cooperate on a hull design, or a basic wing, that could...
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    Who put that reef there?

    Actually, yeah. I was trimming main on Electron, a well-sorted C&C 37+, in the Bay Cup on Galveston Bay about 2006. We drew 7', and hit pretty hard on the edge of one of the channels. We were close-reaching, if I recall, and grinded in the genny first to keep the bow down, then a couple of...
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    My favorite Mythbusters FAIL was Episode 22, where they try to prove if a crane-type manlift can catapult its operator if overloaded and the attachment to the load then fails. They welded pipes onto the wheels of only one axle of the lift, then let it roll on top of two shipping containers. When...
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    Testing, one boat two different hulls

    Hobie Alter designed the Hobie 14 (and later the 16) by "trying" different ideas one hull at at time; if the boat was better on starboard the port hull was kept and vice versa.
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    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    It very clearly states that "DARSHAN" was the one involved in the record (presumably of being concieved for A THOUSAND DAYS AT SEA!!