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    Grandpa for 6th Time

    Congrats to you and yours PB good looking kid and congrats to all us grandparents..... I am known as papa or big papa.....2 of my grandsons have another papa that is shorter than me....
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    Taking out a Boomer

    Great pic....thanks..the P8s do touch and gos  at my local air port ....havent seen any P 3s for awhile
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    Wanting to Buy 1/4 tonner or less,

    I have a Santana23k....its a 23d except it has a fixed keel and rudder from a wavelength 24...sails vert sweet and goes upwind great...they didnt make many of me if interested
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    Hobot has COVID 19

    I had a heart episode in 2013 and my insurance co was billed $ 7000.00 by a doctor that I never spoke to or had been seen by when the insurance co refused to pay they came after me and I sent a letter stating I refused to pay for goods and services not received ...Thanks Boomer  Go Hobot...
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    Rush Limbaugh DTS

    Wow...all this hate being spewed about a guy that spewed hate and made money off it....why would anybody put any value on spewed hate? of course this is coming from a guy that cant take anyone wearing a bow tie seriously...condolences to the family 
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    what is it?

    Wave length 24
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    Chuck Yeager - 8 Bells

    We always had a saying when commenting on a act of bravery " Balls of Yeager "....RIP Chuck
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    What do you guys know about log splitters? the past I borrowed a friends 25 ton gas log splitter but it got I need a 25 ton gas ?...I can buy a 5 ton electric for what it would cost to rent a gas 25 ton for a weekend...I live in Oregon and need to split maple and fir up to 15...
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    Random PicThread

    Thank You Hobot....way too cool
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    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    I learned to drive when I was 14 staying with a bachelor uncle in rural Washington...he used to have me move a old mack dump truck around on his property and some gravel power steering and and a 5 and 4 transmission with overdrive...the front gear lever had 5 forward gears and rev. the...
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    We have a wood burning fireplace insert and in the winter we it provides plenty of heat in our small home right now I am gathering up the branches and cut up downed trees on the property to stack in the wood daughters dropped of my grandsons and took their mom to lunch so I turned a...
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    Ok...ready for the big question?....Do you store firewood bark side up or down ?   Why? I heard a couple of Norwegian woodsmen almost come to blows arguing over this onetime in a bar....beers were cheap and great entertainment...what say you ?  
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    Looking for a toy convertible

    my wife owned a 1996 Miata for 24 years...nothing major in 280000 miles sold it this year....great car.....if i was looking for a open top fun car.....1932 ford roadster....
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    Well...That was close...

    I agree with a loto ticket....I am glad you are safe.....
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    My daughter called

    Thanks Rasp...I texted her a picture of a happy puppy and she texted back asking if it was mine....headway....
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    My daughter called

    I have a daughter that is turning 30 next month...for the past 3 months she does not take my calls or answer my messages...the only thing she does is every couple of weeks she texts me a picture of her when she was little and says she loves me....
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    My brother's Perkins

    I have rented a Diesel compression tester from a good autoparts store...if you are handy enough to replace the Fuel injectors...this is in your wheel house...good luck
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    My brother's Perkins

    Have a compression test performed.....should provide the answer....
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    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    When he yells " its no big deal its only a beercan " yell back " right so do your turns its only a beercan "
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    I have 6 grandkids 5 boys and I girl its crazy  I love being " Papa" my past job I worked closely with home health folks ...spent a lot of time in many different hospitals ...I saw words that should never be in the same sentence... pediatric oncology....pediatric hospice....I have a friend...