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    Good news from the FP

    Latest Front Page: Not FoundSorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.
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    2007 Laser Masters NA Championships

    Well, I'm signed up and am going. I know Fishing Mickey will be there and Gouvernail probably will be. Any other Anarchist going to be there?
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    Blah blah blah

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    Austin (Texas) FT10 Sighting

    Went to AYC for the Wednesday Nite Laser races and was surprised to see a FT10 being rigged. My guess is it was hull #32 Is this the first FT10 in Texas?
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    Laser II Project Boat

    I'm really tired of sitting around and trying to get a ride with the local hotshots (Plus the fact most of the races are Sunday and my day for sailing has to be Saturday). So I'm looking at buying a boat. This boat (see photos) is available locally and I'm wondering if it is worth the time to...
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    Virtual Transat -Les Acores Free Challenge

    OK, I think we've reached critical mass. Come on over and join me, Kevin, Bump and a few others VT junkies who are severely addicted. I don't think Kevin or I are taking it seriously. I think Bump is only doing it so he can satisfy his rock hitting compulsion (Or so he can practice hitting...
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    What does everyone think of the Live Race Broadcasting Technology

    They are live broadcasting the Volvo Extreme 40 races. What does everyone think of this technology? Cool, still too primitive or just boring? (link to live broadcast: )
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    More Farallones Carnage

    Already mentioned in another thread but maybe worthy of it's own thread: Another boat got bit in a Farallones Race. Check out the coverage in Lat 38: "Fast Forward" at Pt. Bonita
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    San Francisco YRA HDA Breaks

    Does anyone from SF know the history of the Sboat division or the division breaks in HDA? Can we opt out of SBOAT? The listed Sboat division is small (4 boats) with a huge PHRF range (36-150). We would rather sail in the equivalent division (where we would compete with 6 other boats within 5...
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    Thompson spotted in SF Bay

    Question for all the SF Bay Area Anarchists. Did did any one see what looked like a Thompson T870 sailing between Sausalito and Tiburon on Sunday? It had a big Assy on a long sprit. I wasn't sure what it was but it sure looked like a lot of the photos I've seen of the Thompson T870. Any one...
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    Registered Anarchy Gone??

    Never mind. Brain Fart.
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    Slow Race to Mac

    Slow ride to Mackinac this year. ... Record Not Likely - July 25, 2004 Genuine Risk does not look like a record setter. As of 8:00 eastern Sunday morning Genuine Risk has not reached the Manitou Islands. In setting the mono hull record in 2002 Pyewacket reached the Manitou's in just under 10...