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    Trade Winds Here - Hang On To Your Cookies

    The junior sailors are between 12-16 years old? Forget the "little hikers" comment; ask 'em where to get weed.
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    Trade Winds Here - Hang On To Your Cookies

    Good idea, particularly if you got "little hikers" on board.
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    Trade Winds Here - Hang On To Your Cookies

    Mullett Marshalls strike again
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    Trade Winds Here - Hang On To Your Cookies

    How about this to start: Right around the corner
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    While I am not a big fan of power boaters

    Nice Whaler, though.
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    Day 1

    Tom Dabney has been building sails on the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay (Fairhope) for thirty years or more so no suprise. He's well known on the Gulf Coast
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    Racing in Alabama

    Here in P'cola most of our sailing is in PHRF boats but are starting to get a good group of Lasers out. Between the Pensacola YC and Pensacola Beach YC, that's where you'll find most of the activity. Not a lot of bad blood competiton between clubs here like you get in a lot of places. Good...
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    2009 St. Petersburg NOOD's

    Clean, this is why you're indespensable. First you do the research and find this gem. Then, we realize the writer of the story is name Moorehead. Can you fuckin believe that? Karma is king. See you in St. Pete this week. Steve Cooper Rooster Elliott 770
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    Race Week Begins

    Hey Clean, just don't forget that an awful lot of those here don't get to sail one design like the 32's and 24's so the handicap fleets offer something to a lot of people. I've got friends down there in both groups and I'm equally interested. Plus the sheer boat porn of Rosebud doing a sweet...
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    MELGES 32

    Now for the straight dope. The two boats that were hit by the tornado were destroyed and totaled by the insurance companies. The owners: Mr. Gamble owned Evil, Mr. Dell owned Wicked, got new replacement boats, trailers, the whole kit. Nothing was salvaged, that I know of, from the original boats...
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    Day 2 LIVE! More Light Air Speed From the 32

    You know we used to hear that singing when we sailed the boat and always thought it was coming from the rig. The shrouds have those rubber vortex inhibitors or whatever thay're called. I wonder if the hull transfer that sounds in to the water? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Melges 32 Gold Cup - LIVE!

    Yep. No worky for me either
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    Melgi 32's

    Actually, the bottom cover is in like three sections (bow, mid section, and then stern) and snaps together so that you can easily put it on without lifting the boat. Pretty well thought out and stays tight going down the road.
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    The rebirth of FD USA1066

    I was sailing FD's some back in the early 70's and remember when this boat showed up in Nashville, TN. Can't remember the owners name other than he had a BMW Bavaria. The boat could not have been more than a year or two old and just immaculate, especially when compared to the leaky, single hull...
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    Melges 32

    With four boats you're there already. Make sure you look up Ted Fairbanks on Fast Fowrard. He's a real nice guy and runs a good program too. His boat was hit by lightning in Miami last month and may not have a replacement yet, but he's pretty cool. We met him in Ft. Lauderdale in 06 when we...
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    Melges 32

    I meant to ask in my last post where you were. There's a few boats on that side, Ted Fairbanks in Seattle and I think there might be one in San Diego and I'm sure a few I don't know about. Hell, buy two and leave one over here! Money's no object right?
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    Melges 32

    We do PHRF around here but at least there is another 32 on the bay so we've got someone going the same speed to pace against. Otherwise we would be sailing by ourselves most of the time. Just not that many boats that rate in low 20's around here, particularly after Ivan and Katrina. Racing fleet...
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    Melges 32

    I think our system may be a little different. It looks like you might have a front strap off the aluminum plate and our boat isn't like that. The front of the plate attaches directly to the keel. We're splashing the boat tomorrow so I'll pay attention this time.
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    Melges 32

    Tha crane attaches to the big shackle on the triangular aluminum plate. The two aft straps attache to the stainless tabs below the folding companionway steps. Onthe front of the triangle plate is another shackle. It attaches to the big bolt with the ring on it in the center of the keel. That...