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    Vsail's mis-placed praise of Juan K I am sure most of you have read by now. This all begs the question though, why does vsail have a hard on Juan K? They say he is a very successful an accomplished yacht designer- but if you look at his...
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    BOR90 makes The Chive if you don't know about this site yet- you are welcome.
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    Damage- iacc vs ac72

    It would be really interesting to compare the "all up" cost of the loss of a mast and sail plan from iacc to the ac72. With LR having said that you just replace the rig on an iacc and keep training, vs the complete stop and expense of the ac72 wing loss- what's the REAL difference? Reports are...
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    200,000 tack?

    Between this incident and the ess one, how in the hell does not rule 14 apply? I for one saw zero effort made into avoiding contact in either situation, and especially not in the case of t-hutch. Yes, the ac45s accelerate at a very quick rate, but if you're being paid to be one of the top...
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    Recent trip to SF

    After a quick two day stay in SF, I was very surprised by how aware the average person in a bar was about the America's Cup. They knew the story, knew that Rode Island was a contender, and they all want the Cup in San Francisco. We're talking people that have never sailed before in their lives...
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    Hotels in the bay area

    Looking for some place to stay in the bay area. Think nicer than the pink palace, more along the lines of the holiday inn express across the street from occ... Doesn't have to be on the water, but close to some fun bars
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    iPhone friendly feeds?

    Are there any iPhone friendly feeds? I haven't been able to get any of the posted links to work for me. I am away from my computer. Any ideas? I would really hate to miss this.
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    land yacht with wing sail video

    There was a video posted on here awhile back with a wing sail on a land yacht. I haven't been able to find it.. thanks.
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    GGYC's bargaining chip

    GGYC have just won themselves a HUGE bargaining chip. Think about it- SNG had no reason to listen to anything GGYC wanted before this; now, SNG has to have some sort of contract with RAK to fulfill, and a court ruling saying the venue they announced is invalid without MC. GGYC have modified...
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    orma 60 pitchpole video

    I searched, but I can't find the video of Gitana X pitchpoling. Also, did alinghi ever release video of their orma 60 crash?
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    telefonica blue protest and redress I haven't seen anything posted up on this. Anyone else feel like this is a total pathetic attempt? E3 started late, and they won the leg- I would say that nullifies a late start disadvantage. The other boats managed not to hit the...
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    Frontpage E/P Trite

    3DL sails are NOT shaped by their mylar panels. They are shaped by a sail sized mold. (somewhere around here there is a animation of an entire sail being molded). D4 "membranes" can only be as strong as the glues that hold the seams together. why pay for all that expensive fiber when it's the...
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    Correction: an expedition team has taken photos of the giant squid I caught the show on Discovery HD awhile back. And my understanding is that they will not come that close to the surface unless they are injured/on their death bed. They also eluded to another similar species of squid that is...
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    that funny "cat" ... thing what was this deal all about again...?
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    in port video feeds

    ok.. just to make sure I am clear on this, and to clear up the confusion for others as well... Lets get the GMT converison down... 1030AMGMT = 3:30AM US/pacific standard (or GMT -7) correct?
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    more USA 87 tech I bet Alinghi is pissed off for letting the cat outta the bag. I recall them saying something along the lines of "this isn't something you can just design overnight" in reference to their jumperless rig. And that makes sense.. My guess is that Oracle had...