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    2014 Etchells Worlds

    I needed the laugh and Hardesty is deserving of the ribbing. Thanks Clean.
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    Rules questions

    It is refreshing (and there were a few occassions at Charleston) when a competitor honors the rules and tacks/gybes out when it is a close call rather than sticking it in at the boat or windward mark or failing to slow down and fall in line at the leeward mark. Unfortunately, the norm appears...
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    the Story from Low Speed Chase

    Thanks for sharing the write-up and insight. Very sorry for your loss. I miss ocean crossings where time stands still, a rythym develops with the wind and waves, no buildings, roads or drive thrus, shifts spent sailing and sleeping marked by the locations of the sun, stars and moon, it is...
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    Melges 32 Worlds - who is going to win?

    Full Throttle has a good shot. Crew sails well together and McKee fits in with any program. Interesting to watch. Lovell is incredible sailor and great crew- I think it will be tough for them in pressure though - look for top three in light air races. Incredible field of sailors. It will...
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    Final Day

    Absolutely. I regret not being out on the water and competing at an event like Nationals, NA, etc.... Melges 24 has the best people involved, best product and best talent of any class at the moment. I loved participating for 8 years in the life of the Class and serving as an officer. I met a...
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    Final Day

    Excellent job Clean. Congrats to QR on a great regatta and win. Some serious talent in the top 20.
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    Day 6 - It's All Down To This

    Nice Job Clean and Mer! Thanks for the excellent coverage and entertainment. You are right- this is establishing the foundation for covering sailing events in the future. Thanks to Ullman for making it possible.
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    Wet and Worthless

    It is great to see the pics and read the write-up! Keep up the outstanding coverage and I wish I was there. My life is about work and family at the moment. I will be back out there soon.
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    Little Big Man -> Ullman

    I agree. Ullman is a class act and the type of role model sailing needs. I was struggling getting up to speed with a new boat. Sent him an email and he got on the phone and talked me through powering up the newer model mast on Melges 24. I had not purchased a sail from him but he took the...
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    small sportboat demo day atlanta may 17

    It was a gorgeous day to sail. I have not seen any pictures from the afternoon. The breeze picked up to 8-12knots. My general thoughts on the boats (I did not get to sail the Ultimate 20 but it received good reviews from everyone who sailed it): 1. SB3- Very well built- best build quality...
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    ENTRY LIST AS OF 11/09/07 01 Shawn Grisham USA 674 Bulls Eye 02 Brian Porter USA-649 Full Throttle 03 Sam Vasquez/ Jeff Lindheim USA 184 TEAM TAMARACK 04 Alan Field USA587 WTF 06 Argyle Campbell USA 630 Rock N Roll 07 Marc Hollerbach USA700 Fu 08 Jack Jennings...
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    Melges Nationals

    It is going to be great to catch up with everyone. I was glad to see Cujo on the list and looking forward to much good banter, drinking, drunk dancing and hard sailing. Just praying for solid breeze. Hulsey and the club have done an exceptional job with organizing this event, and I have no...
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    Melges Nationals

    We have one member of the team driving all night on Wed. to get the boat there by Thursday for set-up. I am picking up a tactician I have never sailed with and driving to the airport after an all day meeting to make a 9:55PM flight out of Atlanta to Detroit on Thursday Night. The things we...
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    Throw/No Throw

    No throwout in Class Championship. I have always thought the spoils should go to the most consistent across the board and that is usually the most prepared and talented team overall.
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    Det or Chi Noods?

    As a Melges 24 sailor, there is no comparison. I have done both and Detroit rocks. It is all about the racing and the party in Detroit- and with both, if you cannot bring it hard, you better stay at home. Chicago seems like an ideal place to race big boats though.
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    Melges 24 in other colour than white ?

    At St. Pete, the judges said "THE RED BOAT IS OVER" across the VHF. Good enough for me to never have any color but white.
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    St. Pete NOODs Results

    Excellent weather for sailing overall and St. Pete Yacht Club did a great job. Friday was an absolute blast on the Melges 24. Hit at least 17 knots and went through several waves. Saturday was fluky but good sailing. Tough call on Sunday as it was nuking. We hated not to race. Probably ten...
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    St. Pete NOOD Feb 16-18

    It is looking like a 45-55 boat fleet in the Melges 24 Class. The Europeans and many of the pro teams have not signed up that are attending as practice for the Worlds. Should be a good fleet.
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    Melges 24 Tuning

    Use the tuning guide as a general mark and tune to what you like; in general, older boats will need more tension as the mast are not as stiff; if you are staggering, try more tension on your inners first, also- try backstay early if you are overpowered (play it aggressively). It takes time in...
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    Melges 24 Sails at KWRW

    I have taken a look (sailed with) each of the major brands. Ullmans by far are the most technical. Very well made, the jib has a very flat entry on the bottom and opens at the top. I found the Ullmans hard to sail well in anything between 4 and 10 knots. They lacked punch in achop (could be...