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  1. abktoo

    donated race boat bargain (maybe)

    Come one and all, and please try to beat the J105s 
  2. abktoo

    Thompson 35 Rumours/Vida Zee Specs & Info Needed

    Woody's advice would be "Hike ya bastards!"
  3. abktoo

    J/105 Jib Sheets

    "First, no one who has ever raced successfully or even competently would ever use the primaries"  I was a bit surprised to learn that Nicole and Bruce use the primaries so that Nicole can play both the main and the jib in the puffs. But what do they know, they just won BIRW overall...
  4. abktoo

    Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    then what's the purpose and intent of the requirements?
  5. abktoo

    Greenport Ocean Race

    anyone else doing both this and manhasset the day after? I think its possible, as long as you don't stick around at whiskey wind until 5 am in the morning after you hit the dock....
  6. abktoo

    Whitebread Regatta Bans Catamarans

    I'm sorry, but this is an embarrassment to the organizing authority and the volunteers who run it. Let's get the story straight. Steve moved away, who was the only member who had a beach cat and only one of a handful who advocated for the cats to be in the race. Let's also get something...
  7. abktoo

    Cheap Russian Wives Really ???

    who actually looks at the front page anymore?
  8. abktoo

    Key West

    the coverage blows. even the best T2P TV can come up with is a freaking 8 min long video of "highlights" with a narrative which is more or less the press release word for word. Why cant we get into the nitty gritty of things? AT LEAST, with a professional race organization running things...
  9. abktoo

    BP Jules Verne.

    "Within a few days of perihelion, the comet became visible to Southern Hemisphere observers, its tail pointing up out of the predawn twilight like a searchlight. Obvious and bright as the tail was, the comet lacked a discernable nucleus, bringing to mind descriptions of another Kreutz comet in...
  10. abktoo

    Greenport Ocean Race

    one ring circus is in. we're expecting a wet and bumpy ride. we were hitting close to 20 vmg all the way to block last year
  11. abktoo

    Whitebread XVIII

    I will always fly back for the GOR, although it is hard to sail to block without stopping at the OAR for a quick mudslide.....
  12. abktoo

    AC 45 - LAUNCHED

    can they cant these boards like the could on dogzilla?
  13. abktoo

    Greenport Ocean Race - 10/8

    This race should be on everybody's calendars next year. It was well worth the 12 hours of flying for the under 12 hours of racing.
  14. abktoo

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

  15. abktoo

    can a J/100 find happyness in PHRF fleet

    weren't the good girl/bad girl boats really modified and sailing a lot of crew? I remember some people calling BS on them
  16. abktoo

    Just a MINI thread...

    my guess is that you can push her really, really hard in the waves and wind. It probably carries a lot of righting moment too, making it very powerful. The dynamic loading is probably breaking the boat due to a combination of the two things I just said. This is all just a hunch.
  17. abktoo


    depends on what boat.
  18. abktoo

    M65 - Mini or Myth?

    or you could buy one of jeromes pogo 2's. you know the boat that xavier has been beating protos with...
  19. abktoo


    what's better: overnight madness or hospice? And you guys should all come down for the brooklyn cup challenege followed by the whitebread!