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    Game over, man!

    3 pirates dead, one captured, Captain Phillips safe on the USS Bainbridge. Apparently he jumped off the lifeboat again - this time the seals (or whomever) were ready. Game over.
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    Need a lawn ornament? He claims it's 42', early seventies, and will be chainsawed next week...have fun!
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    OD 48 Blue on the auction block

    Blue, ex-Abracadabra, ex-Irene, the OD48 took some damage during Ike. She's now listed on USAuctions with an auction date of Feb 7. No text details offered yet, but there're a bunch of pictures posted.
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    Wing-sail A-class

    There's a thread over on about a new A with a rigid wing, a la the C's. See?
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    Great Texas

    The Great Texas Catamaran Race pushed off from South Padre Island this morning. 18 teams from Texas, the Gulf Coast, California, and Georgia are vying to be the first to Galveston Island. The race is run over four legs and will wrap up Sunday. The 300-mile event is the only catamaran distance...
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    Great Texas Cat Race is on

    Less than an hour ago, the second Great Texas Catamaran Race started in the surf on the Gulf side of South Padre Island. Today and tomorrow will see 100-mi legs, with shorter distances on Saturday and Sunday leading to a finish on the Gulf side of Galveston Island. There are 12 beach cats...