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  1. NyJboat

    Manhasset Bay Fall Series: Oct 16/17, 23/24

      So in other words we probably wont be sailing on Sat.   Its now Wed and still no scratch sheet.  
  2. NyJboat

    Fantasy Football, who's in??

    I wouldnt be complaining if I were scoring 95 pts. That said, Im lovin this year as its the best start Ive ever had.
  3. NyJboat

    Key West 2011

    Looking at the scratch sheet notice a couple of interesting things. The new Titan is listed with Bill Koch as the owner. I know it was for sale last summer and that it was taken out for a test drive during NYYC Race Week. Did he buy it from Tom Hill or just chartering? Scotts buddy **********...
  4. NyJboat

    Manhasset Bay Fall Series: Oct 16/17, 23/24

    You got anything better than an orange horseshoe?
  5. NyJboat

    Attn: Women Sailing Anarchists! Join an all-women crew for Rolex R

    This should be entertaining....... In 3 2 1 . . . .
  6. NyJboat

    Manhasset Bay Fall Series: Oct 16/17, 23/24

    +1. Seems to be the standard these days. Then we would all know who Hustlers up against in IRC forcing Espo to make a decision.
  7. NyJboat

    Manhasset Bay Fall Series: Oct 16/17, 23/24

    Event is less than a week away and still no SIs or scratch sheet.
  8. NyJboat

    Panda Bear

    Its Code3, gotta keep your sock puppets straight.
  9. NyJboat

    spin-guys length

    Should be long enough to wrap around the forestay and down the hatch (let the clews touch the floor) so you can take it down, plus enough to get from the forestay to the winch with enough tail to be usable. There might be a formula but thats the low tech way Ive always done it. Err on the long...
  10. NyJboat

    who is in long island?

    And a big pot of marinara sauce. Seriously though, Ive always associated seafood with LI, oysters and clams inparticular.
  11. NyJboat

    who is in long island?

    All you need to know is right here: Linky
  12. NyJboat

    What am I looking at in this pic of an X-Yacht?

    Its a pain in the ass. If you release the backstay too fast it unwinds off the drum onto the shaft and you loose control of the backstay entirely.
  13. NyJboat

    boat adrift in Larchmont outerharbor??

    John tell the Pope sorry to hear about FG, hate when Im right. Heard another friends boat broke off in Sea Cliff and is on the beach in Sands Pt.
  14. NyJboat

    boat adrift in Larchmont outerharbor??

    That sucks. Two boats that come to mind are Jouster (J105) and Fantasy Girl (X332, I know its only 33 ft but who can judge at night).
  15. NyJboat

    Snow tires

    +2 Used to have a 2000 A4 with winter tires, dont remember the brand but they were from Scandinavia. That car was bullet proof in the snow, especially with the 5 speed manual. The 2008 Infiniti G35x I have now is a dog in the snow, its fine around NY where there is rarely snow and its plowed...
  16. NyJboat

    American Yacht Club Fall Series

    Noticed they had a new kite setup with a symmetric pole with sym kites, seemed pretty fast with it. The thing that confused me was I thought I saw them flying A kites of the standard bow sprit during the light air 1st race on sun. Thought it was one or the other? And no Im not in their division.
  17. NyJboat

    Six Guys and A Jeep

    Pretty cool, these soldiers break down and rebuild a Jeep in less than 4 min. Think about what they could do working for a chop shop. Six Guys And A Jeep
  18. NyJboat

    The Saturday Morning Hangover Thread

    Its ram piss, but I wont dice hairs
  19. NyJboat

    The Saturday Night PUI Thread

    When arent you drinking? He says as he sips beer #2, Ill be enjoying it as its my last Sam Summer.