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    Northstar NS 3300 Autopilot control knob

    Anyone have a dead unit and want to donate the display/head unit knob?.  Bought a new display to replace dead on and the knob keeps getting knocked off.
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    Selden 72mm bow sprit

    Are the sprit measurements of 72mm the outside diameter or inside?  Cant find it on their site
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    Affordable American Made Catmarans

    Doing intial research on a daysailing catamaran that is made in USA that could hold up to 50 passengers for sunset sails and private charters that is also bluewater capable for delviery down south potentiall in winter.  The Seawind 1160...
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    J24 class saiks

    Looking at a j24 for phrf racing and maybe some odr eventually.  Am going to be updating headsails likley first.  Do most use 2 or three headsails?  What Sizes are common for 1,2 and 3 if three headsails are used.  150, 130 and 100 the norm?   Thanks in advance
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    New Group 27 Batteries

    Got nearly 6 years out of the Duracell 27DC batteries for my sailboat. ROtate Start and house on odd/even days on my sailboat and diesel. Going to replace all4 as two are shot and may as well get 4 new. Are Exide marine/RV dual purpose batteries ok to use? If not what else in that price...
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    Epoxy to fill chip in barrier coat?

    So there was a small dime sized chip taken out of my keel which went through the 4 coats of interprotect barrier coat to the lead. As opposed to buying the way overpriced interlux interpotect, could i feather out thechip to get to bare lead and fill and fair with the west system epoxy and some...
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    J34c For Sale

    Posted it in Classifieds as well as J-Boat anarchy. For some reason the pics are sideways. Not sure how to fix. Anyhow, feel free to reach out to me. I have more pics and details on whats included in sale. . Boat is great performance cruiser and we have done very well racing it here on...
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    J34c for sale-Add in Classified

    Posted the ad for my boat. For some reason the pics are sideways. Not sure how to fix. Anyhow, feel free to reach out to me. I have more pics and full inventory. Boat is great performance cruiser and We have done very well racing it here on eastern Long Island. Would like to sell before...
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    No commemetary on nacra class?

    Any reason why? Trying to watch our boy Bora!. Missed all but last leg of first race.
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    Removing dry basla core

    Pulled my 28"X30"companionway cover off as it seemed soft and it was. Rotten balsa core on every edge about 8 inches in from each edge. Decided to remove interior skin and remove balsa, recore and glass. 50% of it was easy to remove with paint scraper tool as it was rotten and wet. The inner...
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    Winch Knurling on LongIsland, NY

    Anyone know of a shop or person who can knurl winches here on Long Island? Thanks
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    Stonington, CT dockage

    Anyone know who runs the dock where the old skippers(Swooners restaurant last year). I heard that a new restaurant is there or will be there. Need overnite dockage for the off soundings race next thursday night.
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    Need to compound before wax?

    Have compounded and waxed the boat each of the last 3 seasons since I've onwed it. 1990 J34c. Been using the 3m super duty compund applied with machine, then one coat of mothers carnuba wax hand applied and hand buffed each year. Tried this new 3m sharpshooter spray on wipe off cleaner the...
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    repacking stuffing box

    not mine, but see the type of packing and lock nuts i have on my boat. Was able to get the smaller locking nut away for the packing nut, but the packing nut is bitch. Sprayed the threads at the nut with PB blaster and cleaned up the...
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    Seeking Northstar 380 or 3300 Autpilot head

    Seeking either new or used. mine is shot. pm me if you have one or know where to get one.just the display/head.
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    Seeking Northstar 380 or 3300 head units

    Need a new head. old one took a crapper. please pm me if you have one or know where to get one. Only need the new display/head.
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    Northstar AP 380autopilot display head

    Mine took a crap and need just the head. If anyone has one lying around, please pm me. I'd take it off your hands.
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    northstar ap380 autopilot display

    My display has taken a crapper and i am seeking another one. pm me if you know of any around. they are discontinued.
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    Giving room at starating pin

    Here is situation: All boats at pin end on port. 10 seconds before start i pass a smaller boat to windward who takes me up as he is entitled to. About 4 boat lengths from start with all boats starting at on port on heavily pin favored side another boat to windward, barging and overlapped...
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    J34c 135% Jib

    Well never did do the spinnaker but am considering a new 135% jib. The 110 is in decent shape and is great for the when wind pipes up but i keep losing my time downwind in all wind speeds with jib whsker poled out. I am thinking the 135 shoud help aleviate this. My current rating is 144 and...