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    PFD Upgrade Time

    Ontario is considering laws that prohibit anyone going into/on  the water unless wearing a CG / TC  approved life vest.  " Wearing " ,  please note.   They are not amending the wording to exempt swimming pools or bathtubs  or street potholes etc..    And our taxes pay  these  morons.
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    Psychology of competitive sailing

    check out old copies of Mad Magazine.........
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    "Sailing is Hell" on 7/5 FP

    and this is about sailing how?  starboard hates port and vice versa ?  idiots......go sailing at least once on your holiday without protesting someone.
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    Just another complaint about Mr. Clean

    he really went batshit  if you talked about him being a failed sense of humour in that regard........I wonder if he has gone back to the dark side ?
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    North Korea agrees to denuclearization

    Canada has announced in a bid to get Nafta back on track and  Trump/Trudeau bromance revival,  that Canada will immediately  task the Atomic Energy Commission with developing a fusion bomb and missle delivery system for Canadian use.   NK is invited to Ottawa to discuss a partnership. ...
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    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    water lining someone on a glorious reach is all that really matters......the rest trivial persiflage.....
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    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    what are you sayin? speak clearly .........
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    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

    This is what happens when you open a sport up to the great unwashed masses......peasant is as peasant does.    Proper dress and an ascot  would solve the problem.    Plus a word with the peasant.....I think the word is  "out"   damn spot.
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    Snowflakes and sailing

    bill clinton left the white house 16 million in debt from fighting protests....or so he says......any quasi court proceeding is corrupt.....court proceedings as well.....its human nature.
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    Snowflakes and sailing

    what sports do you do ?
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    video evidence

    looks like Canada's Cup racing will be a snoozer in IC37's ....... 
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    Which yacht is this?

    why does knut keep his wife in a camper ?  Where are the JM tits ?   Any pics of it under sail in actual waves or does that disturb the  Ikea interior motif ?
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    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    I rather prefer the name Webb Childs ...... seems appropriate and almost perfect in respect of delusion........ carry on silly people.......
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    FP First Blood

    This is supposed to be a successful business without multiple divorces......why such shitie little boats usually owned by poverty stricken wannabees......when is this guy going to step up and buy a  TP52  or something of quality ?    clean I can understand as not owning anything of quality but...
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    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    what is it ?   what's the story behind this ?
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    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    The Circle A Ranch and their cattle must be pissed.......time to revolt !
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    Second US Team

    fake news started by scooter who hopes to use the pac money for new sails.......snaggey told me......hamilton anarchy lives....
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    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    it should buff out .......  what is it on in that pic ?
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    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Hire a wine cellar ...... awesome 80+ inch flat screen ..... buy the dvd's......happiness.
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    Olympic sailing, is it still the pinnacle? it  " never was...never will be ".......