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  1. padeye

    Tourist chopper crashes on Catalina Island 3 dead, 3 injured in SoCal chopper crash By SHAYA TAYEFE MOHAJER – 1 hour ago LOS ANGELES (AP) — A tour helicopter crashed in rainy weather on an island off the Southern California coast Saturday morning, killing three people and...
  2. padeye

    I'm confused

    On the one hand we have the Chinese built Flying Tiger, used by, endorsed by and sailed by members of this site, yet some of the very same members say we should boycott the summer games because of China's human rights issuses. This reminds me of those voicing opinions of illegal aliens and...
  3. padeye

    Now this is a cool boat I know it's uncool to copy SB here butt they had this really cool boat in their recent edition, so I figured the coolness of the boat outwieghs the uncoolness of my linking it here. And I'm sure in all likelyhood someone else posted it some...
  4. padeye

    Hw the BIG ONES travel

    Ever wonder how the big boats get from point A to point B?
  5. padeye

    BeeCom Quits

    In Response to Fickle Wind, Beecom Changes Course Racing Sloop Abandons Time Record Attempt from San Francisco-Yokohama and Considers Honolulu-Yokohama Attempt 5 July 2006, Sydney, Australia and Moneta, Virginia: In a statement released today, Wednesday, 5 July 2006, SYCE stated that the...