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    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    ...or you could rejoin the i14 fleet.  We have boats for sale, including mine.  With a spare mast! And we're more fun :-) BTW, if I have piqued your interest, don't bother responding to me on SA as I probably average a visit every 6 months or so, but you know how to find me.  Cheers, Elise
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    I14 Capsize Compilation

    Awesome video!
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    Small Boat Survey for School

    Done. Saw your plea for female respondants. Good luck. Elise
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    Bieker B6

    Sorry to go off-topic a bit...but why fixed lowers? Thanks, Elise
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    Hawaii Dinghy Sailing

    We have an I-14 fleet that races in Kaneohe (and a few of the penultimates are for sale). When are you arriving? Elise
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    Sailing Canoes -- Pacific Island Types

    You may be able to make a contact through the Polynesian Voyaging Society Aloha, Elise
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    I14 righting, who do you do it?

    To add an idea to what some of the other posts have covered: I have a penultimate (unmodified) and we actually have righting lines, which are super helpful. Drill a couple holes in the gunwales fore and aft (or better yet, attach to bitter ends of lines you've already got running around the...
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    International 14 rigging questions

    Looks fantastic, ADK. Love the paint job! Hope you get her out on the water this weekend. Elise
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    Trap harness in San Diego

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out. Elise
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    Trap harness in San Diego

    I will be in San Diego shortly and want to take the opportunity to pick up a new trapeze harness for skiff sailing. I'd like to try it on first, which rules out online shopping. Any suggestions of where to look would be appreciated. Also, are any harnesses made especially for women? Thanks...
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    Race Canceled for "too much wind"

    Alternatively, you can come back home. 5 DAY FORECAST /O.ROU.PHFO.MA.F.0000.000000T0000Z-000000T0000Z/ OAHU LEEWARD WATERS- 1000 AM HST WED JUN 28 2006 TODAY: East winds 20 kt. Wind waves 7 ft. Isolated showers. TONIGHT: East winds 20 kt. Wind waves 7 ft. Isolated showers. THURSDAY...
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    3 container loads of I14s load out tomorrow for Hawaii

    Was out on Kaneohe Bay yesterday for a practice. We both wore shorty wetsuits and were VERY glad we did. Trades are back, it was a beautiful 12-15 with some bigger gusts and some lulls. Not much sun though, so a bit chilly. See you soon, and safe travels. -Elise
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    So I just bought an I-14 today...

    Fair enough, on the "competitive" part, but you can be a lot lighter and still go out and race and have fun. We have sometimes sailed with a combined crew weight of 265 lbs. Granted, we have a tough time getting the boat up from turtled position if it's blowing over 15 kts, but on the other...
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    boat charter in Virgin Islands?

    Thanks, everyone, for the input. I will be making some phone calls this weekend. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated as well. John E, the link did not work for me. Do you have a phone number for them? Thanks. Elise
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    boat charter in Virgin Islands?

    Two Hawai'i sailors will be in the U.S. Virgin Islands at the end of March and would like to charter a small sailboat (monohull or catamaran) for a few days to watch the Rolex Cup and to visit nearby islands. Any suggestions of where/how to charter would be welcome. Will be on St. Thomas but...
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    Howzit ADK, Glad to see you survived the blizzard. Quite right, the technique you and I used to use was not successful last weekend. We thought we (you and I) were light? Now imagine you've lost 60 pounds. Ignoring the fact that you'd be dead, that makes things much harder. We were doing...
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    I'm intrigued by the sealing the mast option. How does one do this? And does this make it more susceptible to failure?
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    Another anarchist- Heh heh, yes indeed; same boat, bought it from him when he left. Probably the most illogical thing I've done but hey, what you gonna do? When you're hooked, you're hooked. Now, having so recently been crew, I can identify much better with what the crew is going through than...
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    Thanks, all, for your input. Mitch - Don't worry, I would not DREAM of blaming the crew. I was driving and all the capsizes yesterday were my fault. I'm still in thankful disbelief that she plans on sailing with me again. Re the "upside down Cali roll": we do not have a foredeck; I assume...
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    skiff-righting techniques?

    Had some trouble righting an I-14 this weekend, especially once it turtled; we were on the light side (combined crew weight approximately 270 pounds). It was a bit choppy and puffy, so swimming the boat to point it into the wind was difficult. Any relevant suggestions would be appreciated...