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    Oil rig locations

    I was wondering if there was an online resource that published the lat longs of oil rigs for commercial shipping use. If anyone has any information on this, especially on an international level, I would appreciate the assistance.
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    Favorite M*A*S*H antics

    What were some of your favorite cockamamie schemes from MASH. I'm looking for some inspirations for a idea for a project I'm working on.
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    Beach Cat novices

    I'm hoping to get some advice from the SA experience pool about beach cat racing. We are two guys with a combined weight of about 400lbs living on the gulf coast, pensacola area. We both have extensive big boat buoy and offshore racing and absolutely zero cat sailing experience. We are...
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    Sydney Hobart

    Looking for a ride for the upcoming Sydney-Hobart Race. Have several ocean races under my belt (2 Newport-Bermuda, 1 Transpac, lots under 200 miles). I have sailed at least 200 days, roughly 20% racing 80% practicing, each year for the last 3 years so I am in good practice. I'm a male, 22...
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    Where did the Vangs go?

    Just looking at some AC picture on and I noticed that, specificly BMW Oracle, seems to have nothing more than a bit of sythetic line. see I poked around at some picture of other teams and found that the...
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    Sydney Hobart Rides?

    Is there any sort of crew finder or anything setup for the Sydney Hobart race? How does one find a ride from the other side of the planet?
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    Around Long Island Photos

    does anyone know where I can find the photos that were taken from the helo at the start of this years around long island race? our team wants very much to buy one we saw after the race at the party but are having trouble locating the guy. thanks
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    5 in a row?

    Today I was checking out some images of the AC boats and I noticed that they are stacking several tell tales on their jibs. I have seen singals forever, and 3 in a row seems pretty common now too. But 5 in a row over a length that seems to be at least 4 feet? Is there a rule of thumb that I...
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    Racing Development

    Just so everyone knows this is the newest Aussie hiking style that needs to be adopted to be remain buying a motorboat.
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    V70 PHRF?

    So I have been looking at recent results of various races and I noticed that in the Ft. L to Key West Race there was a newer open 60 named Solune that rated -120. So if these V70 are supposed to be a big step up from the 60s then what would their PHRF rating be. Obviously it's ridiculous to...
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    Key West Help

    Hey Anarchists- I've read in a lot of threads about sailors in this community actually help each other out in the real world. Hopefully some of you can give me some advice. My college team is interested in going to Key West Race Week. We have the boats but virtually no funding. My questions...