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    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Hogan extended the ban on allowed activities today Mike Ricci Retweeted 28m     No recreational boating with Governor Hogan’s stay at home order —   @MarylandDNR...
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    Fair Winds and Following Seas Bill Roberts

    A great sailor, sailboat builder and promoter for the sport. Glad I have one of his boats also. He was always willing to lend a hand to help improve performance but always finished with “just put her back to stock...” Below is the Obituary: William C. Roberts, Jr. died peacefully Friday...
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    How to score one class with two divisions?

    The A class is a development class with  a single measurement rule.  Foiling technology  has advanced so much that half the A class fleet will foil while the other half are conventional cats.    Essentially, the sailors want to think of this as one class with two divisions. There is a large...
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    Nacra 17 foiling world cup events??

    The scratch sheet for the Miami OCR/ World sailing whatever event was posted. 20 N17 entries listed... When do the foiling 17s have their first world cup event? Are the new boats in production? (you can't tell from their website)
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    ISAF youth mulithull selection postponed!

    The ISAF selection process of the Youth Multihull was postponed. Currently the choice seems to between a Nacra 15 and a Nacra 16 with curved boards and rudder stabilizers (Not F16 class legal) It seems that all of the other builders withdrew their proposals. How does your country see...
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    RET Retiring from a Regatta Question

    I have decided that I don't really know the paramaters for scoring RET. (When did it change from RAF) If you enter a regatta, compete in several races and then decide to RET.... Are you allowed to Retire from every race you competed, just the last race you sailed prior to retiring, ? .. Can...
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    US Olympic Strategic Plans

    http://sailingteams....eview_Panel.htm Well the review is now out... What is the verdict.... Do they show any insight? wisdom? or is the situation hopeless and they are moving chairs on the Titanic?
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    Protesting the RC

    Are there any cases or examples where a jury upheld a protest of the RC for inadequate Signal flags and/ or sound signals? IMO..... these have always been issues for a couple of clubs... in light to moderate breeze... you can make do... in 15 to 20 the club's resources are inadequate. Any...
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    NASS Race to Oxford

    New record set for NASS Race to Oxford Sundog set the elapsed time record for the 29.3 mile race finishing in 2:03:16 blowing away the previous records set by Tygart Racing and Donnybrook a few years ago. Donneybrook is a new yacht for those guys and they are sorting the boat out. They...
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    US Sailing Multihull Championship

    Fellow Sailors, The US Sailing Multihull Championship Committee is diligently working to stage the 2012 Hobie Alter Championship. To date, we have held two nation-wide teleconferences (207 minutes total) with the members of the championship committee as well as the sub - committees. Laura...
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    SCHRS Ratings for 2012

    Jumped the gun a bit.. Oops....
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    Olympic competition

    Olympics and Olympic classes do not seem to have much of a fan base on DA.. Is there any website that follows Olympic racing? Recommendations? Do you go to the class websites? Every 4 years I try to pay some attention... sort of feel duty bound... but it is difficult to be a fan in this...
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    America's Cup and Mulithulll Promotion

    HOW could the America's Cup support your particular Class or Multihull Sailing in general (Big and Small Cats/Tris)? Gary Jobson, US Sailing will be meeting with Russel Couts (Director of the America's Cup) in about 3 weeks. The MHC is taking up Gary's invitation to submit our best ideas of...
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    AC45's and driving more interest

    Great article by SurfCity on the front page! Oracle has a fleet! Khan is getting interested in small boats again! What is it going to take to leverage all of this interest into new blood in our racing fleets? it sure seems like we are missing a key piece to start this fire! What's missing...
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    Dealer Support and One Design Class Success

    In the current J35 thread.... Phoenix offered this opinion. I get it that builders follow the ford/gm plan of selling an owner up every 3-7 years.... but that just churns the fleet and feeds the new and shiny passion in all of us... I must say... I have never thought that the dealer (per se)...
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    Trapeeze Safety Tips for Dinghy sailors

    The tragedy of the young 420 sailors death last week focused my attention anew on safety. The public story blamed her trapeze hook. What would be the advice to a dinghy sailor with a harness jumping over to a cat with respect to safety? (besides don't panic) What would be a good safety...
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    PRO duties last night

    Got the call Wed AM.... Could I PRO the weekly Wed night series at Pirates Cove on the West River, it's our turn and every one else is out of town. My assistants would be two guys who don't really sail. I have no certification or PRO course work ... but I do pay attention to these issues...
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    Rock Hall Annual Regatta

    The very great Rock Hall Annual Regatta is coming up June 12 and 13th. The round the buoys regatta is preceded by the Run what you Brung Down the River Race on Friday the 11th. (Chesapeake Log Canoes to lasers) Go here to register today for both events!!! On Line Registraton The weekend...
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    Rock Hall Annual Regatta, Chester River, MD USA

    The very great Rock Hall Annual Regatta is coming up June 12 and 13th. The round the buoys regatta is preceded by the Run what you Brung Down the River Race on Friday the 11th. (Chesapeake Log Canoes to lasers) Go here to register today for both events!!! On Line Registration The regatta...
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    Darline Hobock Eight Bells

    Darline Hobock passed away at the age of 82 on Friday. Darline led the USSA Portmsouth Committee for as long as I can remember. She was an indispensable member of the sailing community and will be missed. Celebration of Life, Services, and Reception for Darline Hobock will be: Friday...