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    Bistol 34 Skeg Rudder removal

    I have a 1971 Bristol 34' and need to drop the rudder, anyone have any experience with this? I assume I need to grind away at the bottom of the skeg or bottom of the rudder to expose a pin of some sort that hold the bottom rudder pin in place. thanks for your help.
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    DZ Sailing Sunday?

    So just checked the webcam and the wing is up and a rib is coming back to the dock from DZ, are they going sailing today? Anyone going to be filming?
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    The Bay of Fundy sucks

    How hard does the current run around Cape Sable? See for yourself.
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    Cruise the Somali Coast

    We should see if we can get a SA Group discount. :lol: Somali Cruise Package I was checking cruise lines because I heard the rates are very cheap right now. I found a Somali cruise package that departs from Sawakin (in the Sudan) and docks at Bagamoya (in Tanzania). The cost is a bit high...
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    Boston In Port Race

    Sail Salem is a Non Profit public boating facilityu on winer Island in salem. The stated goal of the program is to provide sailing lessons to any child who wants them and do it for $1 This past year they taught over 175 kids sailing for $1 and have more signed up for this year. They have...
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    Weight of a J29

    I'm trying to find out the actual weight of a J29, either all up sailing weight or dry weight either will do. All I have been able to find is it displaces 6,000 lbs. What does one weigh?
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    Clean's Video on Scuttlebutt So Clean, I bet you never thought you'd be the Video of the week on Scuttlebutt. :lol:
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    J24 US Nationals

    Alright, the Worlds are over, it's time to look forward to the Nationals and trying to earn a spot for next years Worlds in Italy. 24 signed up so far. FYC is an easy drive from anywhere on the east coast, 10 minutes off Route 95. I hope everyone is planning on being there. Who's coming? My...
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    Pan Am Trials Results?

    Bueller? Nothing posted that I can find.
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    Stupid Race Management

    So a regatta ends Sunday. another regatta starts Monday about 3 hours away, by this boat. Now the problem, deadline to measure sails is 6pm Sunday. So one boat is concerned about the deadline and inquires about flexibility with the time because of the other regatta. The race management says...
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    Vessel in distress, how to get info?

    My father in law just did a delivery from Newport to Virgin Gorda and went through the tail end of a storm about 11/8 and 11/9. They saw 30-40 knots but on the radio they heard a boat behind them who was in 60 kts and had lost the rig and was taking on water. The vessel in distress was talking...
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    Less than 30 Days til SA J24 Nationals

    34 boats as of today. Let's get some smack going. I will not look at any dead crabs during this regatta. (that ought to get it going) :lol:
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    St Pete Nood

    The weather looks to be warm and sunny, however so far it doesn't sound too exciting. Tampa Bay Marine forecast: FRIDAY NORTHEAST WINDS AROUND 5 KNOTS...EXCEPT BECOMING NORTHWEST IN THE AFTERNOON. BAY WATERS MOSTLY SMOOTH. SATURDAY WIND VARIABLE LESS THAN 5 KNOTS...BECOMING SOUTHWEST 5 TO...
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    VS is not working

    Anybody else have a problem getting Virtual Spectator to run? It worked last night but not this am.
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    DIYC Commodore's Cup

    How many J24's are sailing? More importantly are there going to be any hostile debates afterwards? Keep your hands off it Unit.

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