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    Hobie 18 " Slingshot" on the news

    look at the sail its a hobie
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    Harken spray tops

    I have one. i like it, warm on sunny days, breaths ok for what its made out of
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    Doug Lord

    Thanks everybody for the info that was a real fun one thanks again guys
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    MC Scows?

    i thought itd be nice but from what u guys are saying i dont think its worth having a totally custom one built. i dont think the speed to cost is there.
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    MC Scows?

    i may sound stupid but what is the Portsmouth rating again?
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    MC Scows?

    sorry that didn't come out right we dont have a full fleet of MC's so we race as a mixed 1-design fleet... with a highlander, thistle's adn a few other random boats.
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    Doug Lord

    eh the beating is to be expected every where.... haha. i was just wondering more about if there is more history then what ive seen that anyone could just give me a quick lesion on thanks guys
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    Doug Lord

    nice had to see the first thing coming and thanks
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    MC Scows?

    I have another question for u guys righting strap or not? i know its doable w/o one but what do u guys think?
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    Doug Lord

    alright so i read the forums a lot and yes i am a newbie so if i get trashed for this post i understand but could someone give me some history about this Doug Lord guy i see him trashed a ton, I see why he's trashed to but a little history about him and his issues would be nice. does he steal...
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    your worst crash

    pitch pole a MC scow jibing in 25 knots bomb vang broke and straight over the front full on pitch pole. i ended up about 15 feet ahead of the bow. great time
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    Suggestions for beginner boat

    i dont like the walker bay with a sail kit. i think that its just not a great boat thats not what its designed for. from what i understand about them. i have sailed them i rig them. i sell them at work. i find that the are designed to be a dingy not a sail boat. just my thoughts. id say opti...
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    Self recovery after capsize

    3M 5200 is what we use at our shop for smaller holes and for seams
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    Available for dilivery from west MI to Chicago for MAC

    I may be down to help out
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    US SAILING Board of Directors Withdraws Mandatory Membership Proposal

    Well thats the the wrong idea in my mind at least ive been a member for a long time to and i am again now that i heard the news i mean come on sailing is our way of life support it
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    Day 6 - It's All Down To This

    wow great great coverage thank you
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    What Is It?

    half a mono hull mold and a fuckin big one at that
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    Heavy Wind Crew Needed

    Heavy Wind Crew Needed wend and sat madison wi for a MC scow. PM if u want a ride
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    MC Scows?

    yeah we dont have a full fleet so with my club we would be legal we just race 1-design. maybe ill have to look into that more. the idea was to become more competitive with the M-Scows
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    MC Scows?

    Any one on here sail the MC Scows? Also anyone know where to get carbon rigs for one?

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