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  1. Peter Johnstone


    Please say a prayer for RAINMAKER’s crew. RAINMAKER was dismasted today 36 hours into her passage out of the Gunboat yard about 200 miles SE of Hattaras. From the very brief and patchy sat phone call, and various brief texts, the following is all we have been told: *Everyone is accounted for...
  2. Peter Johnstone

    2nd Container of DNA A-Class to East Coast. 3rd Container to West Coas

    The first container of DNA A-Class to the East Coast is filled. Eight boats are underway. A second container is coming in the spring of 2015. Two boats are already sold. I understand Brandon Wallace is working on a third container to the West Coast. For info on the next East Coast container...
  3. Peter Johnstone

    DNA A-Class Container to US East Coast

    A container of DNA platforms is being organized for late autumn delivery to the GUNBOAT yard in North Carolina, on the US East Coast. Message me if you are interested. Latest foils per what Glenn Ashby used at the Europeans. Crossbeams in foiling beneficial location. In time for winter...
  4. Peter Johnstone

    DNA A-Class Container Going to GUNBOAT

    DNA will ship to GUNBOAT in Wanchese, NC a container for all new US DNA A-class orders in the next few weeks. GUNBOAT will unload, receive and store the A-class platforms in its facility until you can pick up your boat. For four or fewer orders, a 20' container will be shipped. For 5-8 orders...
  5. Peter Johnstone

    10 Best US College Sailors Since 1970

    I listened to a trash talking conversation between a 1970's/1980's era college sailor and another who is soon in college. The older person felt he could hold his own against today's best college sailors in dinghies. My impression is that there are a great many more very talented college sailors...
  6. Peter Johnstone


    I have a buyer for my son's 29er in Indiana. Anyone travelling from New England towards the midwest in the next week or so? Buyer will pay your gas if the 29er can ride on the roof. I will tie it down. Any help or ideas would be hugely appreciated. THANKS Peter

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