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    "BucketLust" - beware

    Haven't posted in years, but I figured I'd come in here and warn y'all about these fuckwads.  "Bucketlust" is a company that offers crewed charters in "exotic" "bucketlist" locations where you meet your "forever crew".  God I want to vomit.  Be right back. Go check their cringe-worthy website...
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    Where to get educated - Looking at cruising cat ownership

    I seem to be stuck in the enviable position of having a wife who has told me that by the end of 2016, we must own a large cruising boat. I'm a multi guy at heart and she is as well, and so we've both decided that we'd like something in the 40-45' range. While i know more than I care to admit...
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    Florida 300 Starts today - pick your horse

    The rekindling effort of the East Coast US distance race is underway today... the Florida 300. Winds are supposed to be fresh all week long down here in Florida, could make for some interesting launches this week. If the carbon M20 can stay in one piece, I'm going to put my money on Marspeed...
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    ETNZ near capsize makes Google's 2013 Zeitgeist Video

    Every year google puts together a video montage of the most searched topics of the year... ETNZ's near capsize apparently made the list. Thanks kiwis for pushing those global search metrics :D The reason why this is noteworthy is because this video is going to be seen by millions of people...
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    America's Cup takes lead story on Sportscenter

    Not sure if there's a replay online anywhere but it was pretty much lampooned the entire segment. Would be funny to show our kiwi friends so they could see what we are going up against over here to promote our sport.
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    This is an awesome intro to a story about the AC- GREAT article.
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    Does ETNZ pull their card if they lose Race 1 today?

    After all the guffawing by ETNZ fans when Oracle pulled their card, do you think that they would be humbled if ETNZ did the same today?
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    Really sick of the AC "coverage" on SA these days

    Specifically the front page. Nothing new, nothing insightful, no "insider reports" or anything really worth reading other than just making fun of it, complaining about it or calling it a disaster.... sad really as I'd come to expect that SA would be fully invested in the revamp of the perpetual...
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    If you had one week to visit SF to watch the AC

    Which week would you go? Latest calendar that I can tell is here: If that's the schedule of events, what week would you show up and watch to maximize the following factors: 1) Most consequential races (I...
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    TS Debby - where the fuck is she going?

    So Mark - Any idea where this storm is going to go and how strong it will be when it gets there? All the major models have it going in a different direction with varying strengths. All I know is that we're getting a soaking here in CFL. Its giving me cabin fever :P
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    Badass interactive wind visualization map for US Serious cool.
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    Hater's Scorecard

    Lets go down the popular ones. 1) Oracle has stacked the deck against all the challengers with the Winged cat so that they have an insurmountable advantage. I think ETNZ would beg to differ with you. Along with Artemis and Team Korea who beat Coutts. 2) Watching Multihulls will be just as...
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    F18 Team Racing Event Saturday

    Man, this shit looks pretty cool. I like how they're trying to pull off live on the water coverage.
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    Team Velocity Sailing LIVE video streaming Tybee 500

    TVS is proud to announce that we will be streaming LIVE video from the starts and finishes of the Tybee 500. Technology is a beautiful thing and as long as we have 3g coverage (we only use verizon so this shouldn't be an issue) we should be able to bring this to you for free! It wont be cinema...
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    2010 Tybee 500 Smack Talk Thread

    Foggy getting it done Redneck style. I have to be care not to be too mean to him since he's sailing for the Royal family - who are leaps and bounds more civilized, better mannered, and more polite than Foggy. How he ever made it in their good graces I'll never know - but I do know this...
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    Single handed Training boat

    I'll be relocating to Orlando this summer and probably living within walking distance of one of the moderate-sized lakes down there. The one we're looking at in particular has a couple of hobie's on the lake, JY's and FJ's and Sunfish. By no means is it anywhere near the size of a Lake Lanier...
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    Thinking about doing the Tybee 500?

    Thinking that logistical nightmares are too much to deal with? Can't find a drunk bum to do ground crew for you? Never done it before and just have no idea where to start? Look no further - Team Velocity can handle all that business for you. We're doing the program again this year so if you...
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    Nothing in the American MSM.. nothing at all?

    A couple people already have posted comments on the "in case you missed it" daily rundown in sports. Make it known that you're unhappy about it.
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    Thread Necromancy - pick the best quotes from the past 2 years

    Some of you guys have had bookmarked quotes saved for years. I know you have. Nemesis has already started digging up good ole fashioned threads where people spout off about shit they had no idea about and now look really stupid. Given that hindsight is 20/20, lets see some of the best quotes...
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    Fuckin give US the keys to A5 already Whats sad is that I bet the guys on the boat would rather sail than sit on their thumbs.

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