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  1. Skalpel

    Sheeting angles. How does this work?

    I'm used to very close angles on radio sailing IOM and Marbleheads yachts. But this looks crazy. Can any one explain? (pic from Seahorse)
  2. Skalpel

    Rupes polishers

    Considering buying of of these. Could be good for polishing small areas that usually need hand polishing. 75-100mm pads Anyone tried one or any other Rupes products. Thanks, Skalpel.
  3. Skalpel

    Bart's Bash
  4. Skalpel

    Oldies of S2H race

    My Uncle Bill raced a few times in the 60's. Cherana and Enid. I saw Cherana in Qld a few years ago and Enid in Airlie. Love the new boats but the oldies are special. Got any pics to add?
  5. Skalpel

    How to Undock 101

    Bit of bad luck last Saturday at SYC. Boat was totally out of the water and on concrete. Pulled off today and still floating.
  6. Skalpel

    Dakar Rally 2010

    Virtual Dakar Rally 2010. Same guys that brought us the virtual Volvo Ocean Race and Barcelona Race. Lets support them for future sailing races. Play in the dirt this time. Register at Start is some time 3rd Jan. Have fun.
  7. Skalpel

    Funny comments while cruising

    " My phone electric fuel doesn't seem to work" " Are we going to drop the sinker again?" " That boat’s chimney light doesn’t work" " My batteries are thin" Any more out there??
  8. Skalpel

    The Artemis Transat registrations begin

    The Artemis Transat registrations begins. Good fun. S
  9. Skalpel

    Micro Magics

    Den, Takes a brave man to sail a little boat!
  10. Skalpel

    Superyacht Awards

    Anyone notice this about super yachts? Kokomo and other big mothers. Some great shots of interiors and engine rooms S
  11. Skalpel

    2008 Tensiometer

    Been working on the new model for a few months. Just about ready for release. Any one suggest some improvements?
  12. Skalpel

    Australian Radio Sailng Championships

    We have the above event going on in Melbourne. 4 classes of Internationally recognised yachts. Small but great fun. Have a look at... S
  13. Skalpel

    New SA clothing

    Thanks ED, Got my order for some various SA gear and you included some of the new shirts. New logo looks great. Sorry, no pics guys but it did happen. S
  14. Skalpel

    World Orgasm Day

    Ladies and gents, get ready to get frisky because this Saturday is World Orgasm Day. No sailing this Saturday? ;)
  15. Skalpel

    Mile Catchers with Sunsail

    Just wondering what to expect. Sailing from Port Douglas to Hamilton Island in October. Never done a coastal cruise with over night passages. Done a few charter yacht holidays in the Whitsundays and Thailand. But always anchored overnight. Any tips? Skalpel
  16. Skalpel

    Winter near the fire

    I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be a comfort to SA members. It was to me, and it's very well written. ENJOY! "WINTER" a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre FUCK It's Cold !
  17. Skalpel

    GeoNav 4C XS hand held plotter

    Bought the above device thinking I could plug it into a notebook, but can only plug into monitor. 12 pin. Tried looking for notebook video input card. No luck yet. Sales people suggested I try streaming via USB??? Had a piss but no luck. My USB ran out of Google. :unsure: Any clues on...
  18. Skalpel

    Koh Samui cruising

    I'm chartering a yacht in May at Koh Samui, Thailand. Anyone got tips, hazards, best spots etc. to share? Happy Easter.
  19. Skalpel

    2007 Tensio meter

    The new version has toe sensors rather than the cheek sensors of the previous model. Rating?
  20. Skalpel

    V70 Power boats

    I saw these boats just powering downwind on the last leg in Melbourne. And it was only in 20 knots of wind. Does anyone know what horsepower these monsters develope? To drive a 14 ton boat up to 30 knots plus, I'm sure someone out there can calculate it.

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