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  1. duncan


    Don’t really understand how we got thrown under the bus here.  But don’t come around here much anymore anyways. 
  2. duncan

    Jim Bishop Sr. - Fair winds and following seas

    Condolences to the Bishop and Gold Digger families. 
  3. duncan

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

  4. duncan

    smoked meat anarchy

    lots of good stuff here
  5. duncan

    AYC Fall Series 2015

    boom boom boom
  6. duncan

    Been to prison?

    my dad was in AA- lots of good people there. he had bipolar and his AA buddies got him help when he gave all his $$ away. go to a meeting and ask for a sponsor. you'll be surprised at the level of help you can get from a complete stranger. also-...
  7. duncan

    Been to prison?

    keep strong brother they are resources out there for you AA Lifeline rehab
  8. duncan

    EYC makes the news - lawsuit over member dues

    This sucks. Apparently, eyc can't honor it's agreements.
  9. duncan

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Nice job Hustler- See you all next year!
  10. duncan

    EBYRA 2014

    Heh For what looked like crummy days, both races in decent breeze And THANKS to the Comodorre for no jlo hell
  11. duncan

    Beneteau 40.7 Cheeki Rafiki missing Mid-Atlantic

    Fuck. Hoping Godspeed
  12. duncan

    EBYRA 2014

    Thnx Tack- Need more boats for CI Cup! Usually a nice 15-20 there in the afternoon to spice things up!
  13. duncan

    AYC Spring Series 2014

    Nice- hope she gets back soon. It's a wing mast with foilers, isn't it?
  14. duncan

    Oregon Offshore Race

    Great pics- looks epic
  15. duncan

    34th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

    nice Soma write-up Hope she mends fast!
  16. duncan

    Just watched Grand Prix

    IMHO, needed more booby The dance party cracked me up. Some dude in a white/black shirt doing some loony move
  17. duncan

    Just watched Grand Prix

    Goddammit jeanpierre, why, why?
  18. duncan

    Missing Person-Ego Alley Annapolis

    scary- hoping for the best
  19. duncan

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

    id love to meet up the with niners
  20. duncan

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Woohoo! Yeah Baby!

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