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  1. annika470


    one of my fishy friends next to my daddys old boat
  2. annika470

    Girls of the 470 Class

    thanks for the how do you say "nice shot man"
  3. annika470

    Looking for ride in South Florida

    No, a boot to the nuts
  4. annika470

    Cone Sighting

    Just saw the Cone here in Ft Lauderdale. Makes me, how you yanks (wanks) say, Wet. I might just have to pose for some porn in the bow.
  5. annika470

    Class War?

    nice shot of headphones ed
  6. annika470

    Unruly bowmen

    hey boys, heres one for the sharks note boat has chute laucher like an old 505 i used to race
  7. annika470

    Key west roll call

    C-unit will be mending sails for some sail loft i will be racing on..................
  8. annika470

    Sydney Hobart race day updates

    way too cool im downloading google earth now keep the pics cumming they are making how you say my nipples hard-plus its cold up here -3C whats the http on the web cam oregon? :ph34r:

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