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  1. Zaney

    49 - 420's built wrong?

    Just saw an article about 49 boats at the club 420 NA's getting tossed due to improper build techniques.  What gives?  
  2. Zaney

    Gulf Coast Dinghy Racing

    If you are interested. I have a fleet of Rhodes 19's I need to unload very soon.  the prices will be stupid low.  lol
  3. Zaney

    2019 Melges 24 US Nationals

    I hope everyone had a good time.  ;P
  4. Zaney

    Gulf Coast Dinghy Racing

    Being a LA(lower Alabama) guy. There is some OD sailing here. It all depends on your class.  Finns out of Bucc yc.  There are some random sunfish and laser races around the area. But not as active as it used to be in any stretch.  Most people are avoiding the f/s like the plague.  Its seems to...
  5. Zaney

    2019 Melges 24 US Nationals

    Race Geeks and Quantum have a bunch of give away items. Memorial day weekend in Fairhope Al. Who is in?
  6. Zaney

    Snowflakes and sailing

    I may as well just quit sailing now,  if Language is to be a determining factor.
  7. Zaney

    Bells for Bruce Sutphen

    Bruce Sutphen.   World Champ.   Personal Hero.    Ring the bell!
  8. Zaney

    Bells for Bruce Sutphen

    Bruce Sutphen.   World Champ.   Personal Hero.    Ring the bell!
  9. Zaney

    Two crew die off West Australian coast during Bunbury yacht race

    Damn..  That is sad.    I'm sorry for the crew and owners.   Nothing like this should happen to anyone....
  10. Zaney

    Buying a used J70? (Please convince me not too)

    I dunno   M24 is a hard boat to beat OD.  They all are actually.     Sounds like you and some buddies need to sit down and get a group together...
  11. Zaney

    Melges 24 Worlds 2018

    I wish I could afford it.  The road trip alone is out of my budget.  :(
  12. Zaney

    'Triple Jack' rebuild...FU Irma!

    Ouch   sorry guys.  Good luck with the rebuild.    Ives seen yall zipping around for years....   
  13. Zaney

    Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    I spit my coffee out on that one...   I remember the Titan hit.  I'm not sure why I would. lol
  14. Zaney

    Mini Transat 2017

    RFinn   Is that new mini gonna be yours?
  15. Zaney

    J70, cheating and pros

    Lasers are different from a J70.  I got a laser truck to myself (21boats) and cherry picked the best hull, uppers, lowers, blades, etc.   If you have the chance. Its better than getting a shit boat, out of a box.       And btw 4 out of the 21 were good. 1 better than others. :) When you have...
  16. Zaney


    Rod,  I hope to God you moved from the last time I was at your house....   If not.   Dude get yr ass up here....  you know how to reach me.  .  GL. 
  17. Zaney

    Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    Hahaha.   In some cases, that might be true. But I cant figure out who you would be talking about.
  18. Zaney

    Short term moorage for Melges 24

    I have left my M24 in the water for roughly 9-10 days at a time.   Stuff does start to grow a little,  not to much to clean with a rag.  Certainly not barnacles. But a little slim will attach. And is easy to wipe off.  I have no idea if it will keep it clean for 2 weeks at a time.   That might...
  19. Zaney

    Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    This things looks brutal.   Good luck Texas
  20. Zaney

    White Pride.

    Seriously.  Can the front page, Not, be about the Ed's personal political agenda?    

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