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  1. Crank Boy

    Yacht Rock

    Should this be in Sailing Anarchy? I did a quick search and can't find it posted anywhere else. You guys are slipping. . . . .
  2. Crank Boy

    Who replace Stolen Laptop

    Friend of mine is in sales, works for a small company and has a laptop that is company's property. He goes in to have a beer with a customer, leaves laptop in car, and laptop is vicitim of a smash and grab in the restaurant parking lot. The company wants him to turn it in to his homeowner's...
  3. Crank Boy

    Downloading Fonts Anarchy

    I need to download a few fonts into Microsoft Word. Problem is, I don't trust a lot of the sites that I have checked out. Anyone know a good/reputable one?
  4. Crank Boy

    I Don't Know What to Say

    priceless and work safe
  5. Crank Boy

    Newport, RI Charter

    So this topic came up a few weeks ago for California. But I have a buddy going to Newport in July and wants to charter a boat and get out on the water for a few hours with some friends. Anyplace in or around Newport that this may be logistically simple like not having to take a 'competency...
  6. Crank Boy

    Ed and Dawg

    the Jato thread. don't be such a fucking cry baby
  7. Crank Boy

    St. Maarten's Heineken Regatta

    Has anyone seen the saturday footage? big boats and hot chicks. 'nuff said. Tucker- if you are reading this i deserve something for the plug.
  8. Crank Boy

    A Scows, Kites, IRC, Mackinac for Pussies

    Lets just all have one big shit fight in here. then the rest of SA can be one big group hug.
  9. Crank Boy

    Remember our friend George?

    Do you guys remeber this fuckhead. while in the process of insulting a fellow anarchist last night i took a peek at the "latitudes and attitudes" forum. it seems our friend george has given up trying to find a chick on the web. poor guy. i might add that those fuckers on that forum have...
  10. Crank Boy


    love the avatar ma.n but jay and silent bob in the signature gotta go. that annoys the shit out of me.
  11. Crank Boy

    I am going to buy Genuine Risk

    I was thumbing through an old copy of sail magazine i have laying around (october i think) and saw that sail annapolis add in the back and they have genuine risk for sale for 31,000. i think i can swing that.
  12. Crank Boy

    Seattle: SA meeting

    Are we still on for a breakfast at the Lock Spot at 8 am on Saturday?
  13. Crank Boy

    Thanks for Nothing

    Edit: Oops wrong forum. See the same thread in General Anarchy
  14. Crank Boy

    DEAD BABY saw this in a roadbike forum and in the PI the other day. they apparently host a "trash a huffy" event. made me think that the sailing world's equivalent would be a "trash a macgregor" event we could start up a collection, buy a...
  15. Crank Boy

    Jibing a j105

    I'll admit right now to never having been on a boat with a bowsprit. So I need you guys help me settle a bet. I thought I saw a j105 jibe its chute INSIDE the forestay last night. I also thought I read on here that this was possible but thinking about how it would work makes my brain hurt. So...
  16. Crank Boy

    Virtual Skipper 3

    Any ideas how to get a hold of this title in the US? Most international sites have problems with my visa card, a lot of the links are broken on VS3 website, I am having a hell of time. A site where you can pay and download it woudl be even better; (i found one for VS2 but can't for VS3) any...
  17. Crank Boy

    This Pittman Character

    Not a lot is to be found of him on the interweb via google. Who is he? Where does his money come from? Which boats does he own? I live in Seattle and his boat "Whirlaway" has been here for a few weeks. Fecking enormous. It has me curious. can someone fill me in a little? Don't make me...
  18. Crank Boy

    Welcome to Me

    Just registered. . . I have lurked here for quite sometime. Love these forums!! I have sailed my whole life. BUt being from Indiana originally I did not do it seriously until I moved to Seattle about three years ago. I love it here and I love sailing even more. Thanks to all the great...

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