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  1. oldskool

    Caption Contest

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. oldskool

    Caption Contest

    Dude 1: I heard it's downwind all the way to Hawaii Dude 2: I got a 2x4 Dude 1: Sick! let's go to Diamond Head!
  3. oldskool

    Soverel 27

    The same was the story (the deck and build issues) with the Sov 33.  The Olsen built ones were lighter, but always seemed to need bulkhead and deck work.  The Tartan built Soveral 33's were bomb proof.  It may be the same with the 27, Tartan has always built great boats.
  4. oldskool


    You sure could "recycle" a lot of Melges 24's for that pre-order cost...
  5. oldskool

    Jib Top for Cruising in the PNW?

    Isn't the J dimension on that boat pretty big?  Recutting an old 135, with heavy forward draft, may do just the trick.  Still a bunch of sail area forward.  Likely wouldn't be a true JT, but may be worth it.
  6. oldskool

    FP - "why PHRF fails"

    I would bet that if the times in which Valkyrie won by, were calculated against the "what it should be" PHRF number, they still would have won. It would have been a TON closer between them and the M32, but they still would have won. They won by minutes (like more than 5 or 6 before corrected...
  7. oldskool

    LBRW (Long Beach Race Week)

    It was kinda funny that there was a true sportboat (M32, CC30, Bolt 38, to name a few) class out there and Scooter wasn't there with his. There may be a deeper story here.... But, the race committee on our courses were really good, and everyone I spoke with had a great time with some...
  8. oldskool

    What ever happened to the Virtual skipper games?

    Thanks guys. I downloaded the demo, but the Buy button doesn't work. Been trying to get some info from the support, but as mentioned, the guys are not super helpful. Has anyone purchased it lately online?
  9. oldskool

    What ever happened to the Virtual skipper games?

    Those games were crazy fun, and with my 9yr old daughter getting in to sailing, it would be great to get the latest version for her to mess about on and learn some basic stuff while having fun. Is there anything as graphically solid with a bit of technical sailing and good AI on the market now...
  10. oldskool

    Sydney to Hobart 2014

    Any idea if Channel 7 (or another stream) will open the stream up to the USA and other markets this time? Tired of playing the random ip game. If I need to do the ip thing again, which is the best for the stream?
  11. oldskool

    Mission Bay San Diego- Best family friendly Dinghy?

    Hey guys, My Daughter just got stoked on Sailing Sabots, so I want to buy a fun dinghy that we can race and daysail on Mission Bay. I would really like to find a V15, but there doesn't seem like there are any south of San Fran. Any other ideas on good light air boats that could daysail/race...
  12. oldskool

    2012 Rolex Sydney - Hobart

    Not "heard", READ on the race website it would be available to all. Yahoo 7 can suck a dick.. You guys better get the replay on youtube ASAP. This is why sailing is struggling everywhere to gain national acceptance except AUS and NZL.
  13. oldskool

    2012 Rolex Sydney - Hobart

    hopefully we'll gat a re cast soon on youtube! Fuckers.....
  14. oldskool

    2012 Rolex Sydney - Hobart

    where's the video on the on the homepage? Yahoo 7 Blocked in the US as well. Haven't missed a start online in years...this is BS!
  15. oldskool

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Agreed for sure. The 7.5 is tons of fun to sail and is much more "boat" than the tiny J70 and it old timey sailplan. (the J70 is a good OD boat, but who wants to sail technology from 15 years ago for a new boat price tag when they could be really powered up and have a little room down below on...
  16. oldskool

    Flying Tiger North American Championship NOR is out

    Weather forcast for today is up on the FT Facebook page. Check it out here:
  17. oldskool

    CYC Sportboat Regatta and FT 10 N/A's- umm Bueller, anyone...

    ...that was constructive. :blink: Hopefully some boats will sign up this weekend. Looking forward to a great regatta
  18. oldskool

    Flying Tiger North American Championship NOR is out

    Why is everyone waiting until the last minute to sign up? Seems like it would have been on the calendar all year since it's an N/A championships. I'm also wondering what's up with the sportboat fleet.
  19. oldskool

    J/70 Impressions

    Is there a plan to bring a J70 to San Diego to see how it lkes 10kn and flat water? It would be fun to see it up against a FT7.5
  20. oldskool

    CYC Sportboat Regatta and FT 10 N/A's- umm Bueller, anyone...

    Just throwing a general question out to the masses. I know SF NOOD is pulling many Vipers away from this event as well as the big 505 regatta in San Fran on the same weekend, but there are currently 5 total boats registered for this regatta and we are 1 week away. I'm sure there are more...

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