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  1. Zaney

    49 - 420's built wrong?

    Just saw an article about 49 boats at the club 420 NA's getting tossed due to improper build techniques.  What gives?  
  2. Zaney

    2019 Melges 24 US Nationals

    Race Geeks and Quantum have a bunch of give away items. Memorial day weekend in Fairhope Al. Who is in?
  3. Zaney

    Bells for Bruce Sutphen

    Bruce Sutphen.   World Champ.   Personal Hero.    Ring the bell!
  4. Zaney

    Bells for Bruce Sutphen

    Bruce Sutphen.   World Champ.   Personal Hero.    Ring the bell!
  5. Zaney

    White Pride.

    Seriously.  Can the front page, Not, be about the Ed's personal political agenda?    
  6. Zaney

    3 masted schooner for charter????

    Ok  here's a Very odd request.   I need a 3 masted, wooden schooner.   To charter for the month of Oct.   Its for a Movie.  The exP and I went to school together, and he tasked me with finding him the right boat. Requirements,   70+ ft, 3 masted, wooden,  semi fancy,  and charter able.  Any...
  7. Zaney

    Shameless begging- Delrins M24

    I'm dumping more than my salary and life into M24 hull #9. Its sucks, its pathetic I know... But I need Delrins... Tops Bottoms. Both... Your old ones , I can with out a doubt, promise, are better than mine.... I'm doing everything I can to get this boat to Nats this year. This...
  8. Zaney

    M24 keel leaking water

    So over the years my keel has been cracked(trailing edge), had the bulb halfway fall off. You get the idea, its been abused. Well I have always had a reoccurring crack about 3 inches in from the trailing edge, near the bottom of the fin. I decided I would grind it down really well and re...
  9. Zaney

    M24 old Delrons- Where do they go to die

    So our team broke a couple in the last few weeks, and being the cheapos we are, we were wondering where old ones end up? No one seems to know. Any ideas?
  10. Zaney

    J24 delimma

    So, as many of you may know, my poor old j24 was totaled in the DI race last year. Its repairable, but Christ man. I just want to race it. And spending the next few months rebuilding the sump area is not my idea of fun atm. Not to mention all the other crap I would need to buy. shrouds...
  11. Zaney

    White Bottom Paint

    Ive been gone from sailing close to a decade. Im putting some of my boats back together. My primary 5ksb is a Soverel 30. Its wet sailed. Raced hard, cleaned often. I'm used to Baltoplate. I've used it on my past 5/6 boats with out any issues. I used some, Red, colored version of it on...
  12. Zaney


    What's the deal? West coasters, sound off.
  13. Zaney

    J24 sump repair

    So I grounded my little J24 a few weeks ago. Its an 1980 2300's #. I cracked the keel sump area. Cracks all around the hull /sump joint. Plus its taking on a little water. The lead and keel joint looks great. I have a few questions on the best way to repair this. First, Do I need to...
  14. Zaney

    I have a hottie that needs a job in SD

    So I have a friend. She's 26. stupid cute. And is moving to SD in July.... She is a bartender atm. But was a Bio Chem Major in school before forced out due to Fam issues.... I just watched her run a bar full of 35-45 peeps with out ever asking what they wanted. Just had a drink made...
  15. Zaney

    No winter regattas this year, Im getting Married.!!!!

    So Im finally getting married. After much discussion about honeymoon spots. We have decided to go to a location that I haven't raced or cruised in. That was the hard part. Now for what Im hoping is the easy part. I need a boat in Jamaica. Im looking for something to cruise around on for...
  16. Zaney

    Boats in Jamaica???

    So, my soon to be bride and I are heading to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We have a rented house in Mont Bay, and being the boat bum I am, Im looking to see if anyone has a boat in the area that I can barrow or charter for a 2 day trip. Or if anyone has any ideas on good boats, or charter...
  17. Zaney

    J-24 Sailors, watch out!

    So its taken me a while but Im finally done with it. I still need to do some minor tweaking. But the boat is usable, it floats, and It doesn't look to bad.
  18. Zaney

    Too Build a Velivolo??????

    Ok, so Ive been thinking about building something like this for years. I have the know how, and the shop to do it in. I have a rough design Ive been thinking about, and refining for a few years. I only have 1 race Id ever consider using the boat in. The kicker is, would I go for a...
  19. Zaney

    I need a Laser/full

    Im trying to get my M24 mast and the guy that has the one I want will trade it to me, for a laser full rig. Im looking for a cheap laser full, as cheap as possable. I know lasers well enough to refurb it with out killing it. even if its allready dead.... So, anyone got one? Ill drive to...
  20. Zaney

    J24 Midwinters--- Crew Needed

    Good boat in need of crew. We need 105-115 lb Max crew..... PM me... Zane Y

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