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    Dagger Jams

    I am working on a boat with two 9' main foils... they are 17" long and about 1.5" thick. One slides happily up and down, the other jams badly, even though the previous owner gave valiant effort to clearance the dagger with a grinder. The dagger is rebuildable, with a fair bit of 'glass and...
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    Max Cruise 42

    Youtube served this into my feed... a build-kit 42, designed to fit into shipping containers. I've no affiliation to these folks, and I'm not the biggest fan of formula-based vloggers who mill out content with clickbait. I haven't seen enough of their stuff to make a judgement but their website...
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    NY to SFO the hard way This should be a cool adventure to watch... exactly how old is Jzerro? Cool to see such a storied boat out collecting new stories! Perhaps this will give more data on proa sails getting caught aback and...
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    Zingaro Wreck Follow-up: 1984 Crowther Spindrift

    James did a post-mortem walk-through that was really interesting: 
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    Nontraditional Drivetrains

    There's some cool stuff in that other thread along with some hurt feelings... and the topic us drifting away (with speed) from the topic. :shrug: It happens. I really like the thought of changing up power delivery. My centerpod-mounted outboard has pros and cons... but I like the idea of...
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    Harken Consumables

    I'm refurbishing an older boat... most of the bits are in good shape, but some are worn or UV-degraded. I have two older versions of these Harken Swivel Bases with H150 Cam-Matic: There's a contoured disc between the standup spring and...
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    SF Bay Double-wide Dry Sailing

    I'm reviving an older Tennant cat, and wondering about dry-sailing her. Coming from beachcats, nothing increased my days on the water more than finding secure mast-up storage. Of course, rigging was considerably simpler on beach boats! I've located a few places in the Delta where I can store...
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    Hull Dollies

    I need to fabricate some simple hull dollies... I'm not sure how complicated they really need to be or what span they need to have to minimize point loading? I'm doing some repairs on a Tennant Turissimo 9... she's double-diagonal epoxy/glass sheathed, with max dimensions about 6' height, 4'...
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    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Worth pimping a link, methinks:|1  Story at the link under FortheWin, with images by Pacifica photographer Dave Rogers, It's A Wild Life...
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    Mainsheet Replacement; 30' cat

    I'm replacing a mainsheet on my new-to-me Tennant Turissimo 9. The existing line by all reports worked well but dates back to 2002 -- and is accordingly faded, even with the past 5 years or so of barn storage. I need a slightly more abrasion-proof line... this double-polyester line was unhappy...
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    Cockpit Coaming Repair

    I have a boat skinned with double-diagonal Okoume ply. Most of the boat is quite solid and rings true when thumped, but the cockpit coaming is separated in places, and that's one of the first pieces I'd like to correct. There's delamination in places along the first inch down, and I could cut...
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    Scales/Weight Measurement

    I just drug a new-to-me boat a few thousand miles home, and have moved a bunch of bits out of the truck, off her trailer, and out of her... plenty more still to go. I'd like to achieve fully empty, then weigh the trailer with the hulls, crossbeams, mast, and trailer. At some point when she hits...
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    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    I’ve sailed a range of beach cats… Hobie 16, Spirit 17, Hobie 18, Hobie Tiger F18 and sailed/crewed different monomarans from dinghy to J30, as well as a Privilege 39. I’m neither rockstar nor newbie. I haven’t raced any of my own boats, but have crewed on raceboats… I might get into that...

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