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  1. Usual Suspect

    Looking for a slip.

    ISO a slip in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area to campaign a 38' St. Pete boat over there this year. Please hit me up if you have leads or know someone who might. Thanks.
  2. Usual Suspect

    What happened to Clewgear?

    I've been off-world for about 7 years, so I'm out of the loop. Seems Clewgear went out of business. Anyone know anything? I loved their sailing shorts. 
  3. Usual Suspect

    Needing good shoes

    Looking to pick up a new pair of good boat shoes for racing primarily. I often do a lot of bow work so good grip and lightweight is essential. Have mostly used Sperry in the past but anything I have is worn out. Suggestions from any other racers who tend to wear out gear? 
  4. Usual Suspect

    Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    New to the area (sort of) and looking to make connections with racers. I have experience on F40s, sleds, sport boats, lots of bow work that. Have sailed Transpac, Cabo, lots of OD fleet racing and PHRF. Any help with introductions would be appreciated. 
  5. Usual Suspect

    Sailing in SE Asia

    I'm currently living in Saigon. Does anyone have any contacts for racing in Vietnam in particular or SE Asia in general? I know there's a regatta in Vung Tau this month, but I don't personally have any contacts there yet. Help is appreciated!
  6. Usual Suspect

    Sailing in Vietnam?

    I'm looking to find out if there's any racing going on in Vietnam. I'm going to be moving there shortly and I'd love to continue to sail there. Anyone here know anything?
  7. Usual Suspect

    hot chicks with douchebags

    No explanation necessary, not sailing news, but definitely entertaining.
  8. Usual Suspect

    Is this language ALLOWED on a Disney boat?

    Here's the control box on Morning Light. You'd think they'd have cleaned it up for the kiddies, no?
  9. Usual Suspect

    anyone doing Long Beach RW & The Police concert?

    Going from LBYC to Dodger Stadium and then back is going to be too much driving (not to mention drinking), so some of the racers have a limo rented for the occassion. We need another 2-4 people to go. Anyone interested?
  10. Usual Suspect

    The Trouble with Vodka....

    The trouble with Vodka The trouble with Vodka is that it lacks personality. It has no zest or flare of it's own. It's like a chameleon of character; molding it's soul to whatever surrounds it. The tofu of the spirit world, minus the spongy texture. The bare particular of your liquor cabinet...

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