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  1. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    New TP52 for Hong Kong

    yyyeeewww looking forward to seeing the boat race on the circuit, talked to sam a bit about it in the Phillipines and it looked like he was pretty excited about it all... Mr Pryde might have to step up now and gget one... could end up with some class racing in asia, (apart from the fact they're...
  2. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    IRC NSW Championships - Predictions

    little aroona might be fairly quick aswell if they go the right way...rates like a dream that girl does
  3. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    First real delivery KK - HK

    Come on now where's your sense of adventure. That's why we do it isn't it... Go get cold wet and scared for a couple days
  4. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    First real delivery KK - HK

    Yes it is on the old aussi maid...If Jed ever turns up on it...meant to be here yesterday and still not here today...not too bad for me as i'm chillin at the pacific sutera, but can't afford to stay here forever waiting... And tuffy a friend of mine in sydney told me to drop in on Simon so I...
  5. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    First real delivery KK - HK

    Yes Yes I shall try and avoid stuff in the water this time....It did sort of hurt the economy a fair bit! And yes I will try and avoid killing everyone, but more likely porbably going to be the other way around I reckon... No a good group of guys on board, just have to find out which marina...
  6. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Audi Sydney Harbour Regatta 6 & 7 March 2010

    I was meant to be there but unfortunately i had something come up and am currently chilling in warm and sunny Kota Kinabalu! Go the Aroona boys and girls! watch the little girl clean up! quick little boat she is...
  7. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    First real delivery KK - HK

    Right so i get home from a bbq last night and the owner of the boat i used to sail on in Darwin and in Asia asks me what I'm doing for the next few weeks. So I reply, well not much...And now i'm sitting here, about to start packing (as I fly out on wednesday) to do a 1200 mile delivery from Kota...
  8. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Simple 2010 Sailing Goals

    Improve upwind speed Work on injury recovery and prevention 2nd & 3rd beat decision making Stop being intimidated by the Olympic dudes, I can sail just as well, jusst gotta keep it together and stop giving away easy positions, the points all add up at the end of the regatta
  9. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Sailing Watering Holes

    haha a standard night out in manly! went to walk in after sazil bris, two HUGE islander lads come brawlin out through the doors, looked into the bar and it was just one huge brawl... made the call to go to they city after that! And of course after SIR you go to go to the Golden Sheath, and if...
  10. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    windward mark

    greater than WM i don't think so...unless you sail a tasar of course
  11. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Ash Your Questions

    As a single handed sailor, you obviously had to make some changes to sail with bundy on the T, sharing responsibilities both on and off the water. How different is it now sailing on possibly the biggest sailing team in the world with large numbers of crew on board. Have you had to change your...
  12. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Flinders Island Race

    Very sobering news....Rocking a lot of peoples worlds in sydney a the moment which shows what a shock to the community it is....Very sad news
  13. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Moving to SYDNEY

    well it's all about to happen.... Driving out in 8 hours time with recedivist on our way to brisbane where I'll drop him off, pick up my laser and head down the coast to sydney! still no idea where I'm going to live....Had a couple places both times bailed out on me! not happy Jan :( but i...
  14. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    New Laser Blocks?

    cheers guys....well I'll have a look out for them now! If it means not having the thing twist up just once I'll get it! might wait for a couple months of pay before I replace them on all three booms though! Cheers lads and gals
  15. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    New Laser Blocks?

    hey guys does anybody know if the new blocks that are coming out are legal yet?? and if they are are they worth purchasing? Cheers
  16. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Caption Contest

    "Toyota!" (Only aussies may get this one)
  17. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Moving to SYDNEY

    cheers for that lads, well thanks dreadom but I'm not coming down till mid-late september unfortunately as that's when work finishes here and starts down there.... Looks like a nice area around pittwater though and can't wait to get some sailing in with the good guys on the harbour, (slingsby...
  18. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Moving to SYDNEY

    Hey guys and girls it's gotten to that stage of my sailing that I'm making the move to sydney from home to gain access to some amazing sailors and coaches to train with/against! Good thing is that I've lined up a job (thanks to an insider) at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on Pittwater, and...
  19. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew


    haha tuffy that guy is hilarious! had a very very VERY funny walk home from the green mango with him and my keyboard man....funny funny bloke, sounds like he's a bit of a guru as well! I can confirm that about intrigue to! great boat to race against in under 8 but once getting 10+ her waterline...
  20. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Laser Mainsheet ratchets

    What ever you fucken do don't use a fucken ronstan orberfucker! Heaps of shit! Love my new Harkens... Definately justifuckenfiable spending 2 fucken minutes swappen out the orberfuckers!! thats coming from a 75kg badass full rig sailor

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