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  1. notallthere

    Blue Shark Sailing Hardware

    Anyone ever use this stuff? This is the Kiwi site, but they have a Chinese one as well and that is obviously where the stuff is made. Looks low quality for sure but for some applications, that's OK. Certainly not buying their winches or anything like that....
  2. notallthere

    Gavin goes missing

    What happened to the thread on Gavin facing a ban? Did the new Forum eat it? Something more nefarious? Gavin hired Russian Bots to attack the SA Servers? Now a new story on the FP (wherever that is). Seems like the full story has yet to be written. I for one wanna see the DIO report...
  3. notallthere

    Best days

    Just finished a 2 day dinghy regatta in the snipe.  It was in honor of a legendary mate of mine. My 7 yr old daughter  crewed for me. It was so cal windy on day 1 (12+ knts) and we struggled through 3/5 before she got cold and I got exhausted.  Woke up this morning  with a standard man cold and...
  4. notallthere

    Hatch Replacement

    Well, the forward hatch on our Cal 34 bit the dust again. Hatch was likely not original, but did maintain all the molded parts of the deck. I really don't want to cut the deck apart to fit a new standard hatch. I suppose I could have a new one fabricated like the current one which is just Thick...
  5. notallthere

    ~34'~ Coastal Cruiser

    Wife and I are getting more serious in our search for a family coastal cruiser (currently 2 kids 3 & 5 years with no plan of more). We have narrowed the search criteria after looking at different sizes and even the possibility of a trawler. At this point, she is sold on a Catalina 34...
  6. notallthere

    Herreshoff cat ketch 31

    Certainly interesting and ticks many of our boxes. Any plusses or minuses from the community? Experience? Many thanks.
  7. notallthere

    Absurd Riders in Cromnibus

    First of all, why are these even included? Because they would never pass on their own. Regardless of Political stripes, do these piss off everyone? Or only the Dems who raised a stink, then still voted for it?
  8. notallthere

    Shaw 27

    Wife found this little yacht a few days ago. Seems like it would suit our young family (2...
  9. notallthere

    San Diego Mayor vs. The World

    Former Congresscritter started the job in Jan and is already being asked to resign by those from his own party and former supporters: This dude is a true duchenozzle, but now we have El...
  10. notallthere

    WTF, anything newsworthy but guns!

    JFC, I am so sick of coming to PA and seeing nothing but Gun Topics. I even kind of miss Happy's trolling!
  11. notallthere

    liz warren gets on senate banking comitee

    Good for people, bad for banks
  12. notallthere


    The old Ronstan is getting pretty freakin' tired. I sail hiking dinghies 98% of the time. Mostly North America, but some world travel. My crew busted out an older but fresh Gill top a few months ago that was really lightweight. Doesn't look like they make it anymore. I can layer underneath with...
  13. notallthere

    Building a Mast

    I bent my favorite Alum Mast. I have a very light and flexible wood mast that I would like to shape to a foil and stiffen with carbon (uni?) Boat is a Naples Sabot (don't laugh please) All the current spars are round, but like a Finn, it would be faster to have one stiffer sideways and softer...
  14. notallthere

    If the election was today...

  15. notallthere

    Happy Fools Day!

    Happy, Carl, TM, AKA, Gaytor, and ayone else I've forgotten please add to the list... lets make this topic a nice old fashioned shitfight
  16. notallthere

    Another Healthcare Thread

    So the Republicans are saying that we need to cut the costs of healthcare. OK, but isn't the heathcare industry 1/6th of our economy? wouldn't that be a bad idea to shrink our economy in this economic climate? I am not trolling here, it is an honest question
  17. notallthere


    this is a topic that he didnt start, yet it is about him discuss
  18. notallthere

    installing teak rails on fiberglass dinghy

    i have to attach wooden rails to a fibergass dinghy. they are about 1"x1" teak and they go on the inside rail, and outside rail. the previous owner started this project, but he was super shitty. he attached the inside rails with 5200! i am wanting to add as much rigidity as possible with this...
  19. notallthere

    Bora Wins

  20. notallthere

    Marian is dead?

    Ed says there are reports in Italian press that she is dead... I didnt like her, but it always sucks when an anarchist passes. my condolences to her family and friends assuming this is true

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