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    SCOTW - Catherine Pourre

    Good call. Catherine is wicked smart, focused and competitive. She is formidable on the race course. 
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    Vendor shout out. Yacht Soft and Lind

    I wanted to give recognition to some great customer service from Yacht Soft and Lind.  In my Fall 2017 refit, I switched by computer solution from Panasonic to two Getac F110 tablets. Lind is the provider for almost all of these computer manufacturers, and they built the two DC power packs that...
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    Class 40 24 Hour Record

    The Class40 V&B just clocked 377.7 miles in 24 hours in the TJV. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
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    Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    Dragon is entered for her second run at this east coast classic. After a long drift in the fog in 2013, I am hoping for a bit of breeze this time around. As I have done in a couple of races in the past, I am auctioning off the fourth and final crew spot to whomever shows the most generosity to...
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    VO 65 Reaching Strut

    Can anyone identify who built the reaching struts, pole fittings and deck fitting on the 65s?
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    A love letter to Markel Insurance

    As most people who read Sailing Anarchy know, I had an unfortunate encounter with a rock while racing south of Beavertail in Narragansett Bay back on May 24th. Lucky me, over 46,000 of you have had the chance to see the video at As you can imagine, going...
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    Ida Lewis Distance Race

    I have never been so excited for a 150 some-odd miles in light air. Dragon is back in the water and ready to make her first outing following two months of repair. We went out last Sunday for sea trials and passed by the area south of Beaver Tail that was the scene of Memorial Day weekend's...
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    Atlantic Cup 2014: ready to rumble

    I managed to catch up with Dragon down here in South Carolina yesterday, flying from raining and cold NYC to hot and humid Charleston. The fleet is gathered here at City Marina, and last minute prep is happening in anticipation of tomorrow's start. A PBR hosted party at Fuel last night got the...
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    The "Everest of Sailing".....irritates me to no end

    So this is my cranky old man moment. I am browsing the Newport Bermuda site the other day and see a posted article by a skipper who did the race for the first time in 2012 and is sharing his thoughts for other people contemplating doing the race. "How nice", I thought to myself. Somebody who...
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    Ashley Perrin - No brainer indeed

    What a kick-ass marketing reel for a kick-ass sailor! And, yes I know there are comments on another thread on this, but it deserves its own thread. And I hope Brad is reading this. I have crossed path with Ashley a few times and she is one of the few people I would want to be offshore with...
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    Jeff MacFarlane

    I just got the chance to read Jeff's update on the home page. Dude... you are bad ass. Serious respect for what you have pulled off. Persistence through adversity is the single most important character trait you need to succeed in the challenge you have chosen to take on, and you have...
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    Atlantic Cup - Clash of the Class 40's

    Ahhh.... birds are chirping, flowers blooming, trees are leafing and young love fills the air. Spring has sprung, or at least the very tentative version we are experiencing this year in the north east of the US. And with spring comes that annual ocean racing rite, the Atlantic Cup. Starting...
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    Royal Bombay Yacht Club

    Looking to find out any background on the Royal Bombay Yacht Club in Mumbai. Seems like a good location. How are the facilities? Mostly social club, or do they actually engage in on-the-water activity? Thanks in advance.
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    James Burwick and Anasazi Girl

    Check out the James Burwick living the dream with his family. Great video of his family sailing down to Cape Town last November on their Open 40, Anasazi Girl. Well sorted boat. Brings a smile to watch them ripping it up. They just shoved off from Cape Town to head over to Australia or New...
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    The Atlantic Cup

    Well I been workin' every night, travelin' every day. Yes I been workin' every night, traveling every day. You can tell your other man, sweet daddy's on his way.   Aww, ya better believe. Well I'm Southbound. Whoa I'm Southbound. Well you can tell your other man, Sweet...
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    2012 Atlantic Cup just announced

    The organizers of the Atlantic Cup just put out a press release announcing the 2012 event, including the renewal of key sponsor relationships, the addition of a new, third leg to the series and doubling the prize money to $30,000. I have included text from the press release down below. The...
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    NYYC Transatlantic Race 2011

    It is 11 pm, Tuesday night and I am about to head off for my last night of full sleep for the next 14+ days. Tomomorrow afternoon we start out with 14 other boats, racing from Newport to the Lizard. Weather looks challenging fo rhte next few days, fairly light air and deep VMG running once we...
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    The end of the world

    Did not see another topic on this... that photo was incredibly excellent. Thanks for sharing.
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    Annapolis to Newport 2011

    The next chapter in Dragon's World Tour 2011 is the Annapolis to Newport race on June 3, and I am a Chesapeake Bay virgin. I spent the weekend there doing some prep and practice and had a great time. A few of the local J80 mob (thanks to Brian, Ben, Chris and Tim) were kind enough to go sailing...
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    Atlantic Cup and Class 40's

    Kudos to Ryan Finn for a great front page article on the Atlantic Cup, and thanks to Hugh and Juliana for organizing the first edition of what will hopefully grown into a major event on the calendar. The race was part of the dialogue in this January's annual meeting of the Class, and the...

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