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    Retirement Anarchy

    Hello Friends.....I need some input...its getting that time in my life to pull the plug on my working life...I am 64 receiving SS  but still working full time I feel obligated to my boss [ a honor to work for and with ] to keep at it because there is no quit in him he is 72... single ..ranch in...
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    legal weed anarchy

    I live in Oregon just outside of the peoples republic of Eugene and rec use marijuana is legal here as in other states....what is interesting me is the advertising and the names of the the early 70s I had just turned 18 and I got busted with 2 joints that I had just bought for 2...
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    Student Loans

    Hello, My 31 year old son is in a jam he is married, has a 2 year old son and his wife in pregnent with twins between him and his wife they owe $200,000. in student loans he is working and his wife takes care of the boy but to say the least they are haveing a rough time living and paying back...
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    The Great Classic Races

    Having come to the Sailing and Racing scene later in life I have heard a few stories about sailing in races with history and tradition ...what are the Great races? the Trans pac ....the Sydney Hobart...the Vineyard ?????? Lets hear from you guys....what is the bucket list for yacht...

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