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    Mystery Drone Flights over NE Colorado Local authorities are dumbfounded by a flock of drones that recently began performing nighttime flights over northeast Colorado with no apparent purpose or operators (at least, none they’ve been able to identify so...
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    Sorkin Calls Out Zuckerberg

    I'm afraid Congress and Sorkin have swung and missed at FB's devilish slider. The FB pitch that they will not police political ads run by known candidates for office is just a distraction. This FB move may or may not be good corporate policy relative to American democracy. Sorkin has next to...
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    Girl with TV show goes sailing in cold place. . .

    Can Canada, will Canada, close these farms?
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    Eric Church gets NRA'd

    2nd Amendment supporter Eric Church not allowed to critique NRA policy positions...
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    Is democracy essential?

    Anonymous Sailing Anarchy Poll on democracy and leadership.
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    "Donald Trump has succeeded where Barack Obama failed."

    From, To the Editor: Donald Trump has succeeded where Barack Obama failed. The economy is up, foreign tyrants are afraid, ISIS has lost most of its territory, our embassy will be moved to Jerusalem and tax reform is...
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    U.S. VI Boat Recovery: NYTIMES Daily 360 12/18/2017 What a huge effort to recover these boats.

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