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  1. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    First real delivery KK - HK

    Right so i get home from a bbq last night and the owner of the boat i used to sail on in Darwin and in Asia asks me what I'm doing for the next few weeks. So I reply, well not much...And now i'm sitting here, about to start packing (as I fly out on wednesday) to do a 1200 mile delivery from Kota...
  2. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    New Laser Blocks?

    hey guys does anybody know if the new blocks that are coming out are legal yet?? and if they are are they worth purchasing? Cheers
  3. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Moving to SYDNEY

    Hey guys and girls it's gotten to that stage of my sailing that I'm making the move to sydney from home to gain access to some amazing sailors and coaches to train with/against! Good thing is that I've lined up a job (thanks to an insider) at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on Pittwater, and...
  4. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Worlds Titles

    For those who know me and for those that don't, After a couple years racing tornado's I moved into a Laser Radial last year and managed to get a good enough result at the national titles in Fremantle that i've earned a spot to go to the world titles in the beginning of August this year...Now...
  5. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Canada laser Standard Worlds

    Hey guys, currently i'm thinking of going to my first Laser worlds up in canada...What I was wondering is the local conditions around august, temp, wind strength, you know the deal...heard it can be pretty breezy there! Anybody sailed there before? The regatta is held out of St Margaret Sailing...
  6. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Who sails what in here

    Unfortunately I've gone back to laser's now, But I've still got my A-Cat that I try get out on when i can...Used to sail T-Cats, hence the name...So i still class myself as a multi guy...But what does everybody else sail here?
  7. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew


    Well, I now have only 3 classes of school left ever and they're tomorrow!! YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA, I'd like to personally thank everybody on SA for getting me through these last couple years, Without the distractions that this forum supplied I don't think I'd ever have gotten...
  8. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Ronstan Start Watches

    So i was putting It around the mast and the plastic longitudinal bit that you wrap the strap around broke in half...Has anybody else had this product break on them??? Anybody have any idea how to fix it?? Or is it just broken? Cheers JRTC
  9. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Lifejacket Decisions

    Hey guys It's time again for a new jacket, I've used Henri Loyds for my last 2 jackets (about last 4 years, and I find them quite comfortable. I'm looking at getting a new jacket now though, I've narrowed it down to either a Zhik, Marine Pool or go back to a HL again...The problem I have with...
  10. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Sailing Club Cycling Jerseys

    Hey guys I'm getting some cycling jerseys made up for my club, No time line and don't even know if It will even happen yet, but if you were interested in cycling would you buy one of these??? (Looking at it from a clubs person's prespective, but Anybody could buy one!!!) Very very very rough...
  11. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    49er Time

    Hey I just got given a 49er fromm a friend of mine, I'm going to sail it witha mate of mine, chopping and changing crew and skipper positions.....I've sailed one a couple times before, never in much breeze though...Anybody got any tips for me how to make this thing go fast, stay together and...
  12. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Laser Box Trailer

    Hey guys, I'm looking at making a Box trailer to transport my boats around the country...Meaning From one end of Australia to another end so it needs to be tough as nails but as soft as a sorbent tissue for the 2 boats I'd like to transport! Aswelll as enough room to store some windsurfing gear...
  13. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Skippering a Junior offshore team

    So A couple weeks ago I got a team of youth sailors and we're going to compete in this seasons offshore series! We Have a boat one of the club members has given us(The owner will be on board). The boat is a Dufour 334 Trophy. I had a couple choice but i chose this boat because it is small enough...
  14. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Decisions Decisions

    Hey guys thinking of up-grading my road bike as the one I have now has now become really a little bit to small...51cm frame. so my decision is a toss up between a few bikes atm. There is a Cervelo Solist that is a 56cm that would probably sell for less than 2k. Or I can get a brand new 2006...
  15. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Letter to the Ioc

    Letter to the IOC: Jaques Rogge, President International Olympic Committee Château de Vidy 1007 Lausanne Switzerland Cc: Members of the International Olympic Committee ISAF Council Members 7th May 2008 A PETITION CONCERNING THE 2012 SAILING REGATTA Dear Mr. Rogge We ask that IOC...
  16. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Colregs with Canters

    At the moment I'm doing my Powerboat Scheme course to add some more qualifications to my list and tonight we were talking about the col regs and basic collision stuff... Then we came to one rule that states if a sailing boat is under sail but assisted by a motor she becomes a power and under the...
  17. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    Foiling Experience

    I was at the Adelaide International Regatta this past weekend and a nice guy let me take out his bladerider for a quick burn after racing... i guess there would have been probably 10 - 12 knts with flat water. I had a problem that I could get foiling easily by sitting back but when it got going...
  18. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew


    Hey guys looking for a laptop thats tough and reliable, got enough memory for my music and for a chart program, and all the other stuff you need. But it will spend the majority of it's life in the tropics, so hot and humid and will spend probably all it's life near salt water... It's not...
  19. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew

    New Zealand

    Hey, I'm heading over east to kiwi land in a week and was wondering if any locals or people who have been to new Zealand, in fact any body that knows something about New Zealand, could tell me some good things to do, places to go, things to see, Pubs Night Clubs etc.. Tried the interweb but I...
  20. Jolly Roger Tornado Crew


    YEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Finished part 1 of my last year of high school! 4 months off now full of regattas.. Passed all three of my subjects one in the low 90's I hope!! with another 3 subjects to go next year, then infinity of months to PARTY! Anybody up for a party Raja and Kings...