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  1. Mysanne Throhppe

    The Shed

    They did have pretty decent bbq, their potato salad was to die for, and it was kinda fun to go there. Y'all may have seen it on the food channel Fieri show
  2. Mysanne Throhppe

    Tales of the Great Lakes

    Good info here, worth sharing ________________________________ To: GLMRA and All Interested Sailors Fr: Deb Schaefer Re: Great Lakes Multihull Championship August 26 - 28, 2011 Ron White's Lesson on Avoiding Capsize Other Reports From the 2010 Lake Ontario 300 Re-fit of Cheekee Monkee...
  3. Mysanne Throhppe

    Please help

    Biloxi TV station WLOX is holding a Red Cross telethon for tornado and Miss R flood victims. Please consider a donation. After Katrina, the Red Cross were the ONLY folks who came by in our neighborhood, and let me tell you, the meals were sure welcome to us tired people. Story...
  4. Mysanne Throhppe

    The Witch Doctor

    I'm workin' on the knee (5 wks since surgery) is needing some doct'rin' so I'm channeling Madame la Veau...wait, _I'm_ Madame laVeau! yai yaille! one part absinthe of mixin' quality, I like Lucid, me - (Breaux and I are both USL alumni!) one part icy cold simple sirup one part...
  5. Mysanne Throhppe


    Hello all, we'd really appreciate your help in winning a Dyneema rerig for BOUDICCA. Since the boat is pretty much all Dyneema, we need all the help we can get. ;-) Jay has signed up here: Here's the thing: Go to the link, and click on...
  6. Mysanne Throhppe

    And Now, for Something Completely Different

    As a fellow multihull sailor, I'd like to ask for your assistance in winning a hotknife at SAILRITE Please be so kind as to go vote for me at Thanks for your support tami
  7. Mysanne Throhppe


    Another opportunity to pass up the leaners, and a fun race! They invited multihulls last year and have invited us again - this is traditionally a monohull PHRF race From Ken Yeomans: It's time to rally the troops and get the word out. The race is scheduled for Saturday October 2nd. We are...
  8. Mysanne Throhppe

    Another testimony for G-Flex

    I mentioned before about fixing the flexible furler with WEST Systems' G-Flex Well, in other news.... I have a little BRAUN coffee-bean grinder which I use for grinding spices as well. The blade is affixed to the shaft with a plastic nut and the nut is formed/bound to the metal blade. So with...
  9. Mysanne Throhppe

    Central Gulf Multihull Schedule
  10. Mysanne Throhppe

    G-Flex flexible foil repair

    For our cruising jib we have an old Harken flexible furling foil. It's some sort of PVC if I had to guess, over a rod inner core. Well, the plastic circumferentially split at the feeder. Harken says to us, 'too bad, we discontinued that there foil an' ain't got no idee how to fix it.' Not...
  11. Mysanne Throhppe

    For the Facebook geeks amongst us

    1) Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page. 2) On the bottom left corner, click English: US. 3) When the language selection appears, click English: Pirate. 4) Watch what happens.
  12. Mysanne Throhppe

    Farrier carbon rudder now out
  13. Mysanne Throhppe

    The Perfect Winch-handle Holder

    See above pic of what I consider to be the perfect winch-handle holder. It's rather grungy and is dying of UV cancer which is why it looks gnarly. But you might note the little cutout at the upper end which so nicely holds the handle from rolling about in the tube. It is a very kewl holder...
  14. Mysanne Throhppe

    Shots from Corsair Nats 2009
  15. Mysanne Throhppe

    Help a brutha out

    Forwarded from the message list: Armando has greeted all boats and assisted them through Customs and Immigration for 40 of the 41 years of the Regata del Sol al Sol. The only year he missed was the very first Regatta. His assistance is one of the reasons the regatta is such a success...
  16. Mysanne Throhppe

    This team racing thing...

    Is it within the parameters of the Rules to have three boats on the same "team" and have one or more of the boats racing on a different course? Situation is an open-class fleet, each 'team' must have three different-make boats, one of the boats (if possible) should be a PHRF boat which will...
  17. Mysanne Throhppe

    Thetford Aquamate 875 MSD

    Have a Thetford Aquamate 875. My 'holding tank' has the pour-out type spout. I've just recently learned there's a pumpout type spout option. Unfortunately, Thetford no longer makes the part (p/n 33219). Does anyone have any idea whether availability of used parts or someone who might have some...
  18. Mysanne Throhppe


    April 25, 2009 NOR, SI, registration, etc at Pass a good time on Mobile Bay!! Starts like a lamb, ends like a lion! Good feed, good party, good trophies! This race has a very long history of inviting multihulls, and is well worth attending.
  19. Mysanne Throhppe

    e-Jiggles "3 cheers for iJiggles, the iBoobs workaround! January 16th | Posted by Dr. Macenstein You may remember our report on iBoobs, the iPhone breast simulator that was tragically shot down by Apple for inclusion on the iTunes store – in fact, many of you...
  20. Mysanne Throhppe

    from the UK guys

    Dear Multihull Campaigners Following the meeting of its Executive Board on 10-12th December, the IOC released a number of press statements on various subjects but none on the issue of allocating Events. Our contact with the IOC Press Office also confirmed that no statement was made at the press...