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    getting the dogs aboard

    Like me, the dogs aren't as spry as they used to be. They used to jump from RIB to deck, about 2' . I am wondering about a raised platform in dinghy. Or some sort of steps hung on side or transom. Appreciate ideas and photos.
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    painting formica

    Spouse says old formica in galley has to go. Not enough time to get into that project this year- leaving for Carribbean in 3 weeks. So for a quicky can I get Awlgrip, Perfection or other to stick on old porous formica?
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    Seaward stove repair

    The little tabs welded to side of oven box have rusted away so spring holding oven door closed has lost its attachment point. Anybody got suggestion on how to get the side panel loose so I can get new tabs welded on?  Anybody got a better fix?
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    Fair winds Chief

    For all of you that sailed the Great Lakes will be sad to hear that Skip Doyle, the Chief, passed away this morning. Skip was more than a great skipper with many championship flags. He was first a gentleman, happy to help or  compliment others. Fair winds Chief.
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    flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    J Boats/Volvo had a flex coupling between tranny and prop shaft. It consisted of 4 rubber hockey pucks with studs that fit between a plate on the tranny and another plate on the prop shaft. The pucks do not like tropical heat and salt water. Just replaced my second set in 6 years. I think I saw...
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    rigging help

    My J-40 rod rig has failed inspection. Can't just recoldhead as it changes dimension to spreaders from top. Mast is Kenyon with special sockets for rod. Anybody got experiece changing from rod to compacted strand. I am told there is no way to fit wire to those sockets? Btw, boat is here in...
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    Rebuild replace Volvo 2003T

    After 30+ years anti symphony clogged and water got in cylinders. Engine had been flawless up til now. Yes I know about 2003 reputation. So do I rebuild or replace? I am in Guatemala so everything a little more difficult. Can you buy a short block or do a rebuild swap? Any recommendations on a...
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    Leisure furl gooseneck removal

    Need to remove leisure furl fittings at mast to replace the sail track. Pin is out of universal but can't get universal off of drum shaft. Was apart about 6 years ago for previous maintenance. Any tricks?

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