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    What is a good windward VMG?

    Just doing the math if I assume that sailing at 45 degrees to the wind is average and that gets you about 71% of your speed through the water then anything better than that is “good”. What the PO is not appreciating is that it is rarely this simple. Tide, current, wind conditions all affect the...
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    This entire scenario, along with its conclusions, is made up based on imagined circumstances. It's a straw man argument.
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    Yacht Club Membership Process

    We beg them to please, please, please join our club and we waive the initiation fee and we get rid of any rules that they don't like and hope they like us.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    Yes. Swimming is nearly impossible. Getting back into the boat also nearly impossible.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    I'm sure the SFPD would get right on that.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    No. That's George Michael.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    It does seem vague.
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    Buy an ad.
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    Merit 25 - No Groups ?

    The Merit is the better boat
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    Where will the rich sail to?

    I hear good things about Suriname
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    US Sailing. Should I stay or should I go?

    Do you get a hat?
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    OP wants help identifying someone that sabotaged a boat for “revenge” but wants to remain anonymous for “legal reasons”. Why is there a clip of the person in the club but nothing from the boat video? Revenge for what? Wouldn’t you go to the race organizer and the club management with this? How...
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    If, in fact, that happened. Smells like bullshit.
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    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

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    Stainless Steel Jib Hanks

    So, my new headsail arrived and I am a little taken aback to discover that it is fitted with what appear to be stainless steel hanks. It is my understanding that hanks should be bronze so as not to wear on the head stay. Anyone out there use stainless steel hanks? Should I be concerned? Am I...
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    Club Racing Protest Hearings

    Highly effective in pissing everybody off. Why make it everyone's problem? If the protester does not care enough to follow through why worry about it?
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    Club Racing Protest Hearings

    It's not always practical to hold a hearing at the club same day if you have people from other clubs participating. They tend to head back to their own club/marina after the race. We do, however, have a schedule and a procedure for protesting and meeting of the committee. If protester does not...
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    Being ripped off by a Greek charter company

    YES!. Dream Yacht Charters. Exact same thing happened to me. They charged me for a broken furling drum that was broken when we picked up the boat. It was minor so I did not think much of it. I could tell by the way that they argued with me that this was obviously a racket. They take it...